Sony has just introduced the Alpha 7R IV 61mp. The mirrorless 35mm camera resolves around 61 megapixels, the dynamic range comprises 15 f-stops. The burst rate is 10 fps at full resolution, the buffer holds 68 shots. For videographers, there are real-time eye-tracking and a new digital microphone. Sony Alpha 7R IV will be available in Europe from August 2019 and cost around 4000 euros.

Sony Alpha 7R IV presented with 61 megapixels

And again, Sony is one step ahead of the competition – with the just-introduced Alpha 7R IV. It raises the bar for the resolution of 35mm cameras a good deal higher, namely to now 61 megapixels. In APS-C mode, it is still 26 megapixels. Its buffer memory is so large that it is enough for 68 photos – so for an uninterrupted recording series of just under seven seconds.

For autofocus, the image sensor is equipped with 567 phase-matching sensors, which are supported by 425 contrast AF pixels. The AF-field coverage is around 75 percent, in APS-C mode covers the Alpha 7R IV 61mp even almost 100 percent of the viewfinder image.

If the 61 megapixels of a single shot is not enough, the Alpha 7R IV generates in pixel-shift mode photos with about 241 megapixels from up to 16 single photos. In terms of ISO sensitivity, however, the high pixel density demands its toll – it only reaches up to ISO 32,000. And that, although Sony executes the Alpha 7R IV with a sensor in particularly light-sensitive BSI technology.

There are also innovations for videographers: The Alpha 7R IV is equipped with an extended multi-interface, which receives data from the also new digital microphone ECM-B1M. Brand new, the Alpha 7R IV can constantly track the focus on the eyes during video shooting.

Firecracker from Sony Alpha 7R IV presented with 61 megapixels

For professional photographers might be particularly interesting that Sony has provided the Alpha 7R IV with a very powerful Wi-Fi feature. Among other things, they enable wireless tethering for the first time on a Sony camera. This will require an update of the software Imaging Edge, which Sony has also announced today.

The case has also been revised by Sony. For the Alpha 7R IV promises, Sony improved dust and splash protection, but without mentioning details. The handle should now be even more comfortable and give the camera additional support. In addition, the Alpha 7r IV is equipped with two UHS-II slots, up to ten extensive camera configurations can be stored on a memory card.

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