After learning SEO many ways are used to rank your website. Backlinks are considered the most successful way of search engine optimization (SEO). Now there are some rules for creating powerful backlinks, one of which is a Life Time method article submission. In the previous class, we know what the article submission is and today we have to know how to submit our article to Article Submission website. If you follow this method, you will be able to achieve very good results.

26 Complete OFF Page SEO Course 2019 for Beginners in Urdu Hindi Article Submission

How to do Article Submission in Off Page SEO – Link Building SEO Course 2019

I have given you an article directory list before you can be submitting your article by following today’s methods, But before that, you have to take care of some important things, after which you will be able to make powerful backlinks. It is easy and interesting to do search engine optimization. It can earn a lot of money in the internet market.

Here are the important things you must understand while living in Off Page SEO.

  • Whatever you want to submit your article above the title Your content should be in accordance with this targeted main keyword.
  • Your article should contain complete information that is not uninterrupted.
  • By following the rules, you do not have to keyword stuffing in the article.
  • By submitting the article, you should keep the layout beautiful so your article looks professional.
  • Use the keywords to search quickly in Google search engine to rank.
  • Any article you submitting should be 100 percent of your content.
  • You do not have to submit more than 2 or 3 articles in one day.

Considering all these things, you have to create your free account in the article submission website.

You must complete your profile and then submitting your article.

If you make 3 backlinks a day, you can easily create 21 backlinks in seven days. If you make 3 backlinks a day, you can easily create 21 backlinks in seven days. You’ll make as many good and powerful backlinks as possible. Soon you can rank your articles in search engines like Google, Bing, and  Yahoo.

Google Crawlers rank very quickly on links that are made on a good website. If you don’t know about what is Google Crawling and indexing then your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is incomplete. They do not mean that your backlink is DoFollow or NoFollow Backlink.

If your backlink arrives in Google Crawling, your website starts to get good traffic. Visitors start coming on your blog website.

You can catch web traffic before applying Google AdSense on your website in a very easy way.

I have learned everything in this video and explained how you can submit your article and how can you add a link to your website while submitting the article?

You can access the Article Directory list after you open this link.

In this list, you will find links to domain authority and page authority websites, from where you will be able to get Powerful backlinks for your website or article content.

Watch the video completely in order to fully understand everything and you can succeed in bringing traffic to your website.

You can submit one of your articles to different article submits but the condition is that the article should be your own.

In class no 26 of the SEO full course, you have learned to submit article practically and told you that you have to take care of the important things while submitting the article on other’s article submission websites.

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