First of all  your 1st need is stop doing basic mistakes with your website. You created a website, the website upload speed is slow. Your blog website does not get traffic. If you have an affiliate site and do not have product sales. You have set Google AdSense on your own site or use another third-party ad network, but no rating. So this article is going to help you a lot. If you are also a YouTuber and also run a blog website, so do you know who is in success? Let’s tell you that more success is in blogging because people come from Google search on your article and this is Organic traffic. Please Stop Basic Mistakes with your website and follow these tips if you want success in blogging.

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

So if you want to succeed in blogging without basic mistakes with your website, So develop your blog with a plan. Write a good article that the visitor to your site should be kept there. If you want to write the article on the topic, do Google search this topic before writing the article.

For example, if your website is on a mobile phone topic or a Twitter site, the first search for it.

Samsung latest mobile review

either or

How can you earn money from Google AdSense fast?

So in Google Search Results, you can see links to many sites.

After opening the first five sites, take ideas from them, see how articles are written in these sites, due to which those sites have come to the top.

Always work in a genuine way. Honesty in the job is your first success.

If you want to initially start blogging, then it is necessary to make a small investment. I would not say that you spend a lot of money, but spend money on which you can get something in the blogging world. After spending a little bit of money, how can you become a successful blogger, for that I will give you some tips.

First of all, remember that the free thing is free and it does not have any special benefits. If you blogging on Google Blogger and use a free domain like Blogspot domain. For example, you create a good article, its SEO optimized or say that you create an SEO friendly article.

If You don’t know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? then this best information is just for you.

Also must know about What is SEO  in Digital Marketing

Even if your article is more than 700 words, you do not get the result because all your hard work with Free Domain is like the new iPhone are locked in a black shopping bag.

Always Use Custom Domain for Fast Ranking:

There are many websites where you can buy high-quality domains at a very cheap price.

You can buy a domain in very little money from websites like Bluehost, Namecheap or Hostgator. Godaddy Domain lets you get a top-level contact domain in one dollar. After purchasing a domain, if you use it for your website, it is the first step towards your success. Free domain is a basic mistake with your website even you are blogger or run website in WordPress.

What is Best for your Website Free Blogger or Paid Web hosting?

If Google Blogger gives you a free hosting platform, then you have to do more work hard. Now is the time for advanced blogging. Every other person is running his website in smart mode, but the blogger site is still as difficult as it was five years ago. You get those unlimited free hosting on blogger platforms, but blogging has a long run to succeed.

Big websites succeeded after working on Blogger platform for a while because they did not have Blogger’s alternatives. Then came the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) that opened the path of success. Blogger websites started migrating on WordPress.

What is WordPress? A Simple Introduction if you are a beginner

You cannot get full results even after working for nine percent on Blogger, while you can get good results even after 30 percent of your work on the WordPress Web site. The work you have to do with coding in blogger can do the same thing in minutes with Word Press plugins without any coding.

With WordPress Plugins, you can easily index your article or blog. In a very short span, your site’s page authority and domain authority can increase. Various web hosting companies offer you cheap monthly and annual packages, you can start a WordPress website from 200 rupees monthly. Famous web hosting companies include Bluehost, Godaddy, Namecheap, and Hostgator, which provide you with affordable web hosting services. With these web hosting platforms, you can start your blogging carrier after purchasing web hosting. If someone else has said that you can rank your website with free themes then it is absolutely wrong.

What You Think is Blogging Success Possibility with Free Themes or Nulled Themes?

A very basic and big mistake with your website, you are running blogger websites or your WordPress website, if you have a free theme installed on your website, your site is very difficult to get into Google search. Theme developers did not provide many functions in free themes that can help site rankings, If possible, thousands of themes are not sold daily on Themeforest or mythemeshop. All the free themes were using.

I would also tell you that never use the nulled theme for your site. Nulled themes use such coding, which also makes chances of hacking your website. So avoid all the free themes that will destroy your work and do not let you succeed in blogging.

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Theme developers now create an advanced theme that you can use the same theme after purchasing it in different purpose. Your health website, fashion website or a woo commerce website. After purchasing a theme you can create all kinds of websites. The biggest advantage of the paid theme is that they include SEO Optimized, Mobile Friendly, Responsive and full functionality.

Find out your choice 15 Best Blogger Template full SEO friendly themes free

If you make a small investment once, then you can achieve the success that comes to blogging. Blogging websites earn millions of rupees, and they have to spend a little bit of money.

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You follow these tips. Success will start running towards you. You can make your best future in a very small budget.

How helpful is this article for you? What new do you learn? And what’s new to know. Hit the share button for share this article in your social community Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others much more. I will wait for your feedback in the comment box.

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