The question is what is the Article Directory Submission strategies for fast indexing in 2019. What is it for?. What are the relations of article directory with Search Engine Optimization?. The answers to all these questions are in the same class. A complete introduction and review. Also, who want to get their site into a Google search engine fast and after learning Off Page SEO want to earn money from freelance sites. This class is for all of them.

Know ARTICLE DIRECTORY SUBMISSION Strategies For Fast Indexing

Article Directory is an off page SEO technique with which you can make powerful high-quality backlinks to your website. In the previous class, we learned that, how is the article submission?. How to make backlinks on article submission sites?. If you want to see this video, click here.

Now this one step forward is exactly the same way for the article directory. We can be able to make backlinks to linking with our sites in business directories or web directories, but the condition for that is that you have to follow the way I tell you. After which you can create high-quality backlinks.

Interestingly, in Article Directory Submission sites you have to make links to categories inside the categories. Article directory has huge databases which they have divided into categories and subcategories.

Then the next question is why the article directory goes to the submission? What are its benefits?

Yes, You Can increase Domain Authority (DA) with Directory Submission.

1: The directory submitting your site domain authority increases.

You can succeed in increasing your domain authority within days of the day If you create backlinks to good article directory sites.

2: Don’t Waste Your Time and Get Quality & Safe Backlinks:

Your created links are safe if you make links to good article directories in the site. It is necessary to see its Page Authority to know good article directories sites.

How much traffic is there for such sites? It is important to take care of all this.

3 Catch Fast Indexing in Search Engines after Article Directory Submission:

After making backlinks to the article directories sites. Your site indexing begins to accelerate. For Example, Your site where the index begins to start after 6 months, After making links to Article Directory there, your site rankings begin to index rapidly.

4 You Can improve Alexa Ranking with smart Work:

Your URL or your website’s Alexa rankings also increases. You start to see the results how day by day is running in global rankings. Alexa Ranking is a very famous SEO company of Amazon. The website which tells about,

  • what its global ranking value and what country value is.

  • With this, you get to know more about your site

  • What’s going on in your site’s search query?

  • How many backlinks have been made?

  • 5 You Get Quality Inbound Links after Article Directory Submission:

One of the biggest benefits to making backlinks in the article directories Submission Sites is also that you are able to create quality inbound links and this is very helpful to rank your site.

I previously told that Off-Page SEO is called linking.

You have to use different SEO techniques. and in this complete SEO course, using the Best SEO Techniques 2019, we will learn to rank our site fast and quickly with advanced SEO Techniques.

It is necessary to Understand the things before making Backlinks in Article Directories sites.

  • You do not have to submit your link to any wrong category.

For example, if you want to make a link in a health category, do not submit link yourself to a business category instead of health.

If you make a link to another category, your link does not index. Do not use copyright content to create a backlink in Article Directory Sites.

  • Before you create the link, you must check the site’s domain authority and page authority.
  • You do not always submit a wrong domain address
  • Before creating a backlink, any article directory you make on the site first read the rules of that site.

Yes,  It is also important to know that



What you need for article directory submission.

  1.  Blog Title / Article Name
  2. Article URL
  3. Article Short Summary or Site Description 150 to 200 words
  4. Social Links
  5. RSS Feed ( Optional)
  6. Email Address

What did you learn from this class? Tutorial Markaz will always take you to success. How do you like my article? Waiting for your remarks and feedback in the comment box below. Hope So, you will like Off Page SEO with my article submission tips.

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Free High Article Directories Submission Sites List 2019

SR URL Page Rank Trust flow Citation Flow
1 1 16 24
2 1 15 25
3 1 20 34
4 1 17 19
5 1 15 22
6 1 17 29
7 1 19 19
8 1 23 27
9 1 15 26
10 1 20 21
11 1 15 16
12 1 14 19
13 1 17 28
14 1 14 12
15 1 18 22
16 1 20 29
17 1 15 27
18 1 17 29
19 1 15 17
20 1 22 25
21 2 15 30
22 2 17 30
23 2 20 36
24 2 18 34
25 2 25 38
26 2 14 14
27 2 17 32
28 2 58 21
29 2 18 30
30 2 17 24
31 2 22 30
32 2 23 33
33 2 17 24
34 2 18 29
35 2 20 27
36 2 21 35
37 2 34 32
38 2 15 22
39 2 17 31
40 0 23 35
41 2 23 20
42 2 15 23
43 2 23 25
44 2 15 23
45 3 17 15
46 3 18 33
47 3 26 39
48 3 19 23
49 3 20 45
50 3 22 37
51 3 20 34
52 3 21 28
53 3 22 35
54 3 21 38
55 3 20 30
56 3 17 19
57 3 18 27
58 3 19 34
59 3 16 22
60 3 17 21
61 3 59 43
62 3 24 38
63 3 17 30
64 4 25 37
65 4 19 30
66 4 25 34
67 4 30 41
68 4 15 17
69 4 16 13
70 4 20 33
71 4 20 35
72 4 20 31
73 4 20 23
74 4 20 34
75 4 25 25
76 4 39 56
77 4 17 31
78 4 17 31
79 4 32 47
80 4 23 35
81 4 32 43
82 4 25 35
83 4 25 25
84 4 27 42
85 4 25 38
86 4 23 35
87 5 21 33
88 5 17 19
89 5 17 18
90 5 17 17
91 5 17 17
92 5 65 49
93 5 69 49
94 6 18 37
95 6 19 34
96 7 14 21
97 7 22 28
98 8 17 18
How to do Article Submission in Off Page SEO Course 2019

How to do Article Submission in Off Page SEO Course 2019

After learning SEO many ways are used to rank your website. Backlinks are considered the most successful way of search engine optimization (SEO). Now there are some rules for creating powerful backlinks, one of which is a Life Time method article submission. In the previous class, we know what the article submission is and today we have to know how to submit our article to Article Submission website. If you follow this method, you will be able to achieve very good results.

26 Complete OFF Page SEO Course 2019 for Beginners in Urdu Hindi Article Submission

How to do Article Submission in Off Page SEO – Link Building SEO Course 2019

I have given you an article directory list before you can be submitting your article by following today’s methods, But before that, you have to take care of some important things, after which you will be able to make powerful backlinks. It is easy and interesting to do search engine optimization. It can earn a lot of money in the internet market.

Here are the important things you must understand while living in Off Page SEO.

  • Whatever you want to submit your article above the title Your content should be in accordance with this targeted main keyword.
  • Your article should contain complete information that is not uninterrupted.
  • By following the rules, you do not have to keyword stuffing in the article.
  • By submitting the article, you should keep the layout beautiful so your article looks professional.
  • Use the keywords to search quickly in Google search engine to rank.
  • Any article you submitting should be 100 percent of your content.
  • You do not have to submit more than 2 or 3 articles in one day.

Considering all these things, you have to create your free account in the article submission website.

You must complete your profile and then submitting your article.

If you make 3 backlinks a day, you can easily create 21 backlinks in seven days. If you make 3 backlinks a day, you can easily create 21 backlinks in seven days. You’ll make as many good and powerful backlinks as possible. Soon you can rank your articles in search engines like Google, Bing, and  Yahoo.

Google Crawlers rank very quickly on links that are made on a good website. If you don’t know about what is Google Crawling and indexing then your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is incomplete. They do not mean that your backlink is DoFollow or NoFollow Backlink.

If your backlink arrives in Google Crawling, your website starts to get good traffic. Visitors start coming on your blog website.

You can catch web traffic before applying Google AdSense on your website in a very easy way.

I have learned everything in this video and explained how you can submit your article and how can you add a link to your website while submitting the article?

You can access the Article Directory list after you open this link.

In this list, you will find links to domain authority and page authority websites, from where you will be able to get Powerful backlinks for your website or article content.

Watch the video completely in order to fully understand everything and you can succeed in bringing traffic to your website.

You can submit one of your articles to different article submits but the condition is that the article should be your own.

In class no 26 of the SEO full course, you have learned to submit article practically and told you that you have to take care of the important things while submitting the article on other’s article submission websites.

If you have liked this article, learned something new, So I’ll wait for your feedback. Share the article on social sites so that other people can also learn.

You will find a lot of new learning at the Tutorial Markaz.

Best Top Article Submission Websites – Paid and Free 2019

Best Top Article Submission Websites – Paid and Free 2019

After creating any web site or after preparing the article, the next attempt is that the blog site or article starts coming into Google search quickly.
In some way website traffic starts coming more and if you have Google AdSense Ads on the site, get started online earnings quickly.
The most important work in Off Page SEO is backlinking and when there is a Powerful Backlink, the chances of coming to the site rankings increase.
Today’s class will be on the article submission, We will learn what the article submission is and how it is done. In addition to this, I will tell you about some such sites from where you can take Powerful backlinks.

Best Top Article Submission Websites – Paid and Free 2019 OF Page SEO

The Article Submission of Page SEO is the name of such a technique using which we bring traffic from third-party websites and by adding inbound linking Google search rankings increase. Peoples on Freelance Websites like Fiverr, Upwork as well as earn money by providing article submission services.
Whenever you make backlinks with Article Submission, So they make Do follow Backlinks or no follow backlinks. If we have created an article on a good website, So Google Crawler consider it as a Backlink. If we have created an article on a good website so Google Crawlers consider it as a backlink.

Must Know about the hidden mystery Slow Internet Speed
The list below is all of the websites where you can submit your articles to create a Powerful backlink.

Catch Do Follow Article Submission List

Top High PR Article Submission Sites List 2019

1 87 95 25023
2 91 60 407912
3 78 94 21219
4 92 86 83654
5 93 61 14223
6 71 67 39569
7 90 62 1789
8 57 56 357291
9 92 74 12124
10 96 85 64

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List 2019

Moz Rank Page Authority Domain Authority
1 9.3 67 59
2 8.9 87 95
3 289 72 93
4 7.7 78 96
5 7.6 76 92
6 7.2 71 94
7 7.6 76 90
8 6.8 68 92
9 6.6 65 88
10 6.2 61 79
11 6 68 76
12 6.4 60 81
13 6.9 60 80
14 5.8 63 79
15 5.2 54 63
16 5.6 60 74
17 5.4 59 54
18 5.8 52 81
19 5.9 55 64
20 5.1 61 61
21 6.2 59 56
22 5.5 52 62
23 6.2 55 51
24 4.3 54 35
25 5.9 47 39
26 4.1 46 50
27 2.4 23 24
28 2.9 27 23
29 4.3 47 40
30 5.7 52 55
31 5.6 51 56
32 4.9 37 37
33 5.5 52 55
34 4.8 34 48
35 6.2 42 49
36 3.3 34 39
37 5.1 50 42
38 6.2 57 61
39 4.4 46 43
40 2.6 34 43
41 2.9 41 43
42 3.3 47 48

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The Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

The Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Internet technology has made the whole world a global versus. The entire world has been on your computer screen which you can access after clicking a few clicks. Apart from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the biggest problem in Europe is the internet speed. You are downloading a movie or downloading something else. However, due to lack of internet speed, downloading is sometimes slow. I’ll tell you some of these ways, which allows you to speed up your Internet speed and give two software that will change your Internet life.

Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Best Tips for SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Internet connection broadband companies never provide full internet speeds. Waiting for the whole world of the 5G Internet but 4G Network cannot be completed here. You have set up the Broadband Internet Connection Or you are using an Internet device. You have to bear a problem with browsing.

You’ll have to follow all the ways that I use personalized. Then you can pick up the Internet’s high speed.

You are using Google Chrome, using Mozilla Firefox or Safari Browser. Your browser needs to be updated forever. The updated browser plays an important role in Internet speed. I just tell you how to update Google Chrome browsing, for this, you must click on the right side of the Google Chrome browser. Then, the Google Account will be opened in the Help option.

Automation will start as soon as the option opens.

This is the way to Mozilla Firefox. I think Google Chrome is the best browser in the form of speed.

Since this is Google product, Google has developed this browser with a very advanced technique.

Annoying Toolbars in the Browser.

Internet users also face a major problem, which they click in some options in the engine, And then they have many toolbars in their browsers. This happens when you are looking for Wallpapers downloaded websites, Downloading MP3 Threads

So while downloading there, some options open in front of you

Which you click without understanding. In such a case, the toolbar becomes toolbar beneath the address bar. Always stay away from such clicks, which you are most likely to understand and if you already have many toolbars in your browser, and if you want to finish them.

You can delete them by using the Bookmarks option in Google Chrome Browser Updating.

Best Solution for Slow Browsing (Reset browser)

Your browser has become too slow, You also update your browser, but still, your problem is not resolved

So it’s an easy way, that you can reset your browser. Just like you reset your smartphone and you’re under drive becomes completely fascinating. Similarly, you can also lightweight the browser.

For this you have access to browser settings, You need to click on the Advanced Option. The option will be the bottom reset option after opening the option. After pressing the reset button your browser will be completely frozen.

Remember that the reset option also exists in all other browsers other than Google Chrome.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Browsing History.

For the best performance of the browser. It is very important to remove browsing history.

Whatever browsing or search you do on the internet, Its temporary files are created in your computer which slowly slows your browser’s speed. Internet-made Temporary Files, Not only does your internet slow down but also your computer also slows down. They must be removed.

These were the ways to improve Internet speeds with browsers,

Now I’ll tell you some technical methods.

What you do not know.

Whatever window is installed on your computer or laptop

Of course, you are using window seven or use window ten.

20% of the Internet’s Microsoft company sets apart.

That’s because the Microsoft Window Company puts fixed for 20% Internet Speed Window updates.

But we have to use twenty percent of the internet speeds automatically.

So for that on your computer screen,

  • Go to the run option and type “GPEDIT.MSC”
  • After writing, will open.
  • left side
  • Computer Configuration
  • Inside the option
  • Administrative Templates Folder
  • Folder inside
  • Network
  • Inside folder
  • QOS Pocket Scheduler
  • After clicking on the folder
  • A file will appear on the right side.
  • Limit Reservable Bandwidth

The file has to be opened after double click

after this

Bandwidth limit

Zero is to be done.

That way, twenty percent of internet speeds were taken by Microsoft

The same internet speed will be back to you.

The Ultimate Method for INTERNET Users:

Now the next step is to open the services. This is a very technical method

Go to Run Option

Type “services. MSc

Click on Ok Button,

After that, a window will be opened in front of you, many files will be visible on the right side of the window.

They will have a file at the bottom.

Find “Windows Update

Right click on the file and open the property.

Disable the startup option after opening a new window.

And then stop the service status.

Then press Apply and OK button.


Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with DNS Settings for the Internet:

Change the DNS Servers Like This

  • Preferred DNS server =
  • Alternate DNS server =
  • Preferred DNS server = 2620:0:ccc::2
  • Alternate DNS server = 2620:0:CCD::2
  • Preferred DNS server =
  • Alternate DNS server =
  • Preferred DNS server = 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • Alternate DNS server = 2001:4860:4860::8844

Inside your computer, DNS cookies are created and unavailable files, which help slow down Internet speeds. A command is used to eliminate them.

Open Run Window

Type “cmd” then press OK Button

After open Command Prompt window just type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the Enter button fro your keyboard.

A message will be shown.

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

It removes all the DNS Cache.


Latest Adwcleaner_7.2.7.0 SUPERAntiSpyware

How much do you like this tutorial video. You will definitely give your opinion. I will wait for your feedback. And this article will require the shares in your social community.



2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

You are Blogger, work on the WordPress website or your YouTube channel. So you need images. Images in the blog website regarding the SEO make important contributions. We are adding images to our article. But we did not know that due to images our website speeds slow down. Google Search Engine does not include all such websites in its own search. The website’s loading speed is slow. You do not know and your website gets out of Google rankings. Read this article and must know 2 Secret Tricks for image Optimization for the blog.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Due to the slowdown of the website you begin to get worried. Content that is also inserted in the website well. SEO is also done well, But web traffic does not come, And the website also loads slowly.

I will tell you two ways How you can reduce image size without spoiling image quality on your website, or How to compress or reduce image size. If you follow these methods, So you can improve the speed of your website, And speed up web page load speeds. its a best SEO Tips by me.

Adobe Photoshop is used to compress images or reduce image size. But who does not use Adobe Photoshop, Or the Adobe Photoshop is not installed on your computer, So you can follow the ways I tell you.

Both of these methods are free and best SEO Tips for your Blog Website.

In a first way, I’ll tell you about a website.

From where you can reduce the size of your image in minutes and the quality of the image will not be even worse.

I have an image for the demo size of 127kb. After opening the website, you’ll have a button show on “Open Photos”.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Open website


After pressing this button, I will select the same demo image. After selecting the image, a popup window will be opened.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

First, the file name will change. Then image format will allow JPG to stay. The image is to be of high quality.

The image width is to be 740 in image size. This image size is best for the blog website. After completing all this, press the Save button

And the new file will be saved on the computer. Now if the same demo file is viewed, it will have been reduced to 75kb.

Reduce Size 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Now that is the second way you have to download the free software.

The download link for this software is available here.

Download Lighshot


After downloading software, you will install it and then open the settings after clicking on the software icon.

options- 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Then inside the format option, JPEG will have to choose, And JPG quality is required to work 50. Then, after pressing the button, you will save the setting.

I will open the same demo image and dragging with the mouse click button is to complete a full-fledged area. Then save it.

Now, if you see the new image file open in the folder by opening it, Image Quality will not look bad at all, and image file size has also been compressed.

Now you can add images to your website after following this method. Your site’s speed will also not be slow, And Google search engine will also start coming into the site search.

I hope you’ll like these two ways. Your problem is over due to the article, So you must share this article with others, And in the comment box, tell me how you got this article, And how helpful is it for you?

15 Best Free Blogger Templates 2019 – Responsive Layout and SEO Ready

15 Best Free Blogger Templates 2019 – Responsive Layout and SEO Ready

Blogger Templates 2019 Free Download from Tutorial Markaz. Ap agr new website bnaana chahtey hein Ap ko SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free chahye jo ko Responsive Blogger Template b hun tou ap ko paid blogger templates ki zroorat nahi hai.  Blogger newbie k lye bohat brra platform hai jahan ap kuch he mints mein apni blog webste free create ker saktey hein. Google Blogger free hosting place hai and ap with blogger beautiful professional website or business website create ker saktey hein, but ap ko aik premium Blogger template ki zroorat hoti hai.

Blogger Templates 2019 Free Download

Blogger Templates 2019

WordPress aik Best  Powerful Content Management System (CMS) hai lekin if you want to make website on wordpress then ap ko hosting buy krni hogi, Lekin Google Blogger use kernay k lye ap ko azadi hai ap ko just aik custom domain buy krni hoti hai and then ap apni blog webste run kr saktey hein. Ap Google Blogger free Blogspot domain b use ker saktey hein. Domain blogger k sath kaisey connect ki jati hai es per already mein Complete Blogging Course 2019 tutorial video mein step by step seekha chuka hun.

Ap b apna future blogging world mein develop ker saktey hein read more about your future in blogging.

Agar ap beginner hein and hosting buy kernay k lye budget nahi hai tou ap blogger use karen custom domain attach karen tou b ap apni website ranking mein la saktey hein but hard work pehli shirt hai.

Blogger website create ker lenay k baad ap ko Blogger dashboard mein template mil jatey hein. but ap apni professional website k lye yeh blogger provided templates use nahi ker saktey kyun k website layout design he ap ka professionalism show krta hai.

Tou bs agar ap planning to make a blog website on blogger ya ap already blog site bana chukey hein and blogger template dhoond rahey hein tou ap apni talash ko rok dyn kyun k Tutorial Markaz Ap k lye 15+ Best Blogger Templates ly ker aya hai jo k pure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly b hein and Responsive layout k sath free available hein.

Ap apni marzi ka blogger template choose karen and professional website in blogger tyar kar len.

Free Blogger Templates 2019

1- Schema Blogger Template

Schema Blogger Template super niche blogging blogger theme hai. Jissey bohat asaani k sath customize kia ja sakta hai. Elegant theme kisi b niche blog mein use kia ja sakta hai. Speed Loading Fast honey k sath SEO Optimized blogger template hai. Yeh highly customizable and Responsive layout theme hai jissey ap apni marzi k sath Mobile Screen, Deskopt Screen k elawah kisi b screen mein fit dekh saktey hein.

Ap es blogger template ko different niches like Tech Blogging, Event, New Blogging and lates trends k lye b use ker saktey hein. Scheme Blogger template ko google latest search algorithms k sath optimized kia gya hai taa k yeh Google searching and ranking mein peechay na reh sakey.

Demo: Schema Blogger Theme

Schema Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz


  • A stylish and sleek color combination of white and black and blue
  • Seo Ready
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive
  • Adapted From WordPress
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Ads Ready
  • Drop Down Menu
  • White, Black, Blue,
  • Fashion
  • Elegant
  • Simple 2 Columns
  • WhatsApp Sharing
  • Magazine News
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Ready
  • Business
  • 1 Right Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • 2 Columns, 3 Columns Footer.

Download Scheme Template

2- Top Magazine Blogger Template:

Magazine and News Based Websites k lye ready kia Top Magazine beautiful Blogger Template hai. Ap is blogger theme ko use kertay huye Technology, Games, travel destinations, films, blogger magazines jaisi websites create ker saktey hein. Top Magazine Template latest SEO trends and codes k sath ready kia gya hai and perfectly SEO Optimized theme hai, jis ki through ap apni website Google, bing, yahoo per rank kerwa saktey hein. Blogger Templates 2019 mein mazeed ap k lye neechey Top blogger templates b mojood hein.

Demo: Top Magazine Template

Top Magazine Blogger Template Free Download

Stop these mistakes with your website if you want success in blogging

Top Magazine Template Features :

  • Responsive
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Fast Loading
  • Fashion
  • Magazine
  • Seo Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Slider
  • Ads Ready
  • Clean Layout
  • Simple Design
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Social Sharing
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Social Bookmark Ready

Download Top Magazine Blogger Template

3- Tech News Blogger Template:

Tech News Blogger Template is a modern design blog theme. Es theme ko use kertay huye ap bohat c types ki website create ker saktey hein like, tech, magazine, review, food, photography, how to, travel, lifestyle etc.

Demo : Tech News Theme

Tech News Blogger Template Free DownloadDownload Tech News Template

4- WriteUp Blogger Template

Demo: WriteUp Theme

WriteUp Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download WriteUp Template

5- Alpha Blogger Template

Demo: Alpha Blogger Theme

Alpha Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Alpha Blogger

6- Need Mag Blogger Template

Click for Demo:

Need Mag Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Need Mag Template

7- Gridz Blogger Template :

Demo Template:

Gridz Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Gridz Template

8- New Minima Colored Blogger Template:

Vide Demo Theme

New Minima Colored Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download New Minima Colored Template

9- MiniBlog SEO Blogger Template

Template Demo

MiniBlog SEO Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download MiniBlog SEO Template

10- SoraCart Shopping Template (Online Shopping Store)

View Demo:

Sora Cart Shopping Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Sora Cart Shopping Template

11- Vector Blogger

Live Preview

Vector Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Vector Blogger

12- Healthy Blogger Template

Demo Template:

Healthy Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Healthy Blogger

13- Cleator Blogger Template

Demo Template

Cleator Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Cleator Blogger

14- Super SEO Optimized Template

Demo Template:

Super SEO Optimized Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Super SEO Optimized

15- Recipee Blogger Template

Demo Theme :

Recipee Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Recipee Template

16- Video Download Blogger Template

Free Blogger Templates 2019

Free Blogger Templates 2019

Demo Video Template

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