Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

Today question is How to use a blog to make your brand Famous? New technologies have brought a set of new opportunities that obviously have an extremely important impact on the online course market. We have seen, through these new media, influencers who have built an audience through the internet. Take the example of Youtubers, Instagrammers and bloggers who share their passions with the world. These passions have even turned into a source of income for the most adept of them. Making a living from your blog is a dream for many people, but it takes work to come up with a full-featured blog.

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that from the moment you decide to make your hobby profitable thanks to your blog or to your YouTube channel, you become an entrepreneur. And running a small business from home, which requires a lot of work. Sometimes, more than a traditional job or a non traditional job.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the world of bloggers and we’ll show strategies to make money with blogs by becoming an infopreneur.

6 Advantages of Working with a Blog:

Each company has its particularities, advantages, and disadvantages. With blogs, it would not be different. That’s why we’ll list the main benefits of creating a blog Website:

  1. Be able to manage your own business online
  2. Flexible hours to work in the best way possible!
  3. Opportunity to work in the themes of your choice
  4. Possibility of living from your passion
  5. To be a reference a certain domain
  6. Being able to work from home or from where you find the most adjusted

Any Type of Person Can Make Money with Blogs?

This is an interesting question because the answer is subjective. Any type of person can make money with blogs. But when you decide to start, you have to have a lot of dedication, concentration, and determination, because the results do not appear overnight. As we mentioned above, dedicating 100% to the development of his blog is an entrepreneurial approach. As in every entrepreneurial approach, not everyone will be able to develop their business until they can live fully. But the only way to know if this is possible is to get started!

The good news is that no one is born with an entrepreneur personality or entrepreneur quality. It must be developed. (what is entrepreneur definition?)

And if you are able to improve the skill set, you will be able to reach your goal. Remember that any effort will be rewarded as soon as you start to have results.

What is the Main Asset of a Blog?

The main asset of a blog is its traffic. All of your strategies should focus on attracting quality traffic and then directing your audience to the product you want to sell. What’s more, one of the most valuable information you can have about a visitor is their email address. Do not forget it. By obtaining the email address of a visitor, you get the opportunity to communicate directly with him.

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How to start making money with a Blog?

There are currently many ways to generate income through a blog and in the future, there will probably be other ways that we do not even know yet. Discover how it is possible to earn money by being a blogger.

Consulting Service Business:

As you have more visits to your blog, it means that you gain legitimacy to talk about it. This is an excellent opportunity to start giving advice online. This type of service is excellent for valuing your know-how about the subject in question and for taking advantage of word of mouth. Whenever possible, ask your customers for testimonials about your service and display it on your website. This can generate more credibility for other potential customers.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that the council, especially the individual, stops at a given moment because of the weather. We all have 24 hours a day and we can not work more without an automated process.

Google AdSense How to Make Money:

A blog that attracts a large number of visits can give space to ads and each click gets the blogger paid. When a blog has many visits a day, it’s likely to get more clicks.

“But working with Google Adsense is still a good idea? Yes, it’s still possible to use this method to get extra income!

Profit with AdSense is related to the market niche, the traffic and the layout of your blog. For that, invest in quality content to conquer more and more visits. The more visits you have, the greater the chance that a visitor will click on an ad slot. This is the only way to earn more through advertisements.

Google AdSense How does it work, how Much Does it Cost to Pay and how do I get started

Google AdSense How does it work, how Much Does it Cost to Pay and how do I get started.

Digital Products to Sell:

Digital producers or Digital Video Producer are increasingly used by blogs to take advantage of their blog. Also known as info products, digital content is accessible via the internet and can be consumed on any smartphone or computer.

With the development of the internet, the sale of infographic products has grown considerably. It is now possible to learn new skills, improve personal and professional development with online courses. As these courses are sold on the internet, they bring a remuneration to the author.

If you have a talent or a passion that can be transformed into an online course that may interest many users, it’s time to consider the idea of ​​becoming an info producer.

Affiliate Program for Bloggers:

If you have a blog, but you do not have the vocation to create your own digital product, you have the opportunity to become affiliated with a digital product! Becoming affiliated with a digital product means that you use your blog to promote online courses or e-book that has been made by a third party. You receive a commission every time you start a sale.

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

There are two main types of affiliates:

The affiliate authority: A group of bloggers, who will recommend in an article a product related to the theme of his article. Take for example someone who owns a cooking blog. This one can, through an article recommend an online cooking class present on Hotmart. For this, it slides a link (Hotlink) which, with the technology developed by TutorialMarkaz, to know who is behind the sale. Whenever a sale is made through the link on his blog, the blogger in question receives a commission that corresponds to a percentage of the total price of the product.

Affiliate Referee: The one who invests in paid ads to target a specific audience.

At every sale made by an indication, the affiliate will earn a commission that can be up to 80% of the value of the product. Tempting, is not it? Choose the most adjusted product to your blog and invest in your promotion.

Products or Services

The blog is the essential part of a well-defined Inbound Marketing strategy. Instead of going to the consumer with invasive ads, the brand produces quality content, which adds real value, and pushes the visitor to be interested in the product proposed by the author of the blog. This strategy, known as content marketing, generates more engagement and conversions.

If you have an e-commerce Website and you already sell physical products on the internet or not, you can start a blog and write articles related to the products you sell. Do you own a virtual store USA? or virtual store manager? What do you think about writing about women’s world, fashion, and trends? Your audience will be interested in your subjects and as soon as they need a bikini, they will remember that you sells this type of product!

20 steps to start making money with your blog:

This list is made to help you make the most of your blog and manage it professionally. You may be wondering, “Okay, but how do I start my blog? Even though it sounds like a big enough problem and you’re not an expert on the internet, creating a blog from scratch is much easier than you think. Take the first steps to start your blog:

Define a Theme

What subject are you talking about? If you’re not a specialist in a specific field, think about the topics you like to talk about and that are naturally in your daily life. What’s more, you can think of themes that have a lack of content on the internet. In this case, your competition will be reduced.

How do you Identify Your Target Audience?

Thinking that your audience can be “anyone” is a very realistic idea. Even if your content is interesting, that all people will be interested in it, it is necessary to define who is your target audience and more precisely, who is your persona. Your persona is a fictional character, based on your research. It is essential for you to direct all your actions towards that specific profile. First, define a single persona, and as your business evolves, you will be able to identify other user profiles. Access our publication to understand how to create a persona for your business.

Choose a Best Website Name for Your Blog

Think of creative names that sound good when you say it aloud. A name that is easy to memorize! If there is a direct relationship with your theme, even better! Make a list and go to the next point.

Register a Good Domain

With the list in hand, find out if the domain is available for the name you have chosen. You can search on Namecheap. When you find an available domain, just save it. Registering a domain name costs around $9.99 / year. Always give preference to domains “.com,.net.org” which will allow a better positioning on the search engines.

Activate your Content Manager Marketing

WordPress is the content management platform used by the vast majority of bloggers. There are other platforms on the market, but there are no real reasons not to choose WordPress: plug-ins, integrations, intuitive access to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and a vast network of knowledge available for free. line are strong arguments for choosing WordPress. Whether you’re a beginner in the industry or an experienced programmer, WordPress is a place to bring your ideas to life. So, just enter the website, choose the plan that best meets your initial needs and start creating your blog. Click here to start.

Establish a Strategy:

What is the purpose of your blog? To make money with blogs, it’s important to provide informative content that educates the audience, answers questions and creates a bond of trust and credibility so that visitors are envied to return.

Create Good Content for your Blog Website:

Your main concern when creating a blog should be to provide quality content and, more than that, about topics that interest readers of your blog. It is important that they want to read what you have written, is not it? So be sure to keep other “up to date” on your subject in order to bring current content to your readers.

Maintain an Editorial Calendar:

The editorial calendar will help you maintain the frequency of posts you have committed to accomplishing. In order for the volume of visits to grow faster, you must publish content as frequently as possible. Try to produce the content in advance and plan future publications. This is how you will continue to follow your schedule despite some unforeseen events. In other words: Always stay one step ahead,

Diversify Your Content:

When we think of a blog, we generally think of written publications. More diverse is the format of your content, with many formats, such as images, videos, and infographics, more complete and interesting it will be. Thus, you can understand what kind of content can attract new readers.

Invite your Audience to Interact:

Design the layout of your website while thinking about the functionality for the user. The goal is to bring it to your product. You can strategically distribute Call to Action (CTA) buttons by inviting your visitor to download an ebook, subscribe to your newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel and many other actions that are interesting for your business.

Build a Contact Base in your Blog Website:

Remember: this is one of the most important elements of your entire strategy. When you receive an email from a user, you can contact him directly at the right time and automatically. This is a considerable advantage! There are several strategies for getting in touch with your visitors:

  • Offer free content: offer free content for your audience and request the email in exchange. Even an ebook, an infographic or another type of free material. The content “bonus” must be of quality to encourage people to give their email.
  • Forms: provide your readers with contact forms on your blog. You can indeed obtain the email of your readers by proposing to keep them informed of novelties in exclusivity. For example: Get new content in preview.
  • Webinars: Once your blog has a large number of readers, you will be able to promote webinars to discuss the topic, promote a product, and request feedback from users.

Partner with Other Blogs:

Consolidate your brand by partnering with other blogs that are not your direct competitors, but are still part of the same market. You can open a space for “guest posts” by inviting other bloggers to write an article about a topic on your blog. Do interviews, produce joint content and offer co-marketing materials, sharing the leads you earn.

Get your Readers to follow you on Social Networks:

A good blogger is present on several social networks while producing content unique to each network. The goal must be to strengthen the contact with the public. But beware: observe which social networks your persona really uses. There are countless options, new features that appear at any time and if you try to use all the social networks at the same time you risk to disperse, it is better to concentrate his work on only one of them for to be more efficient.

Measure and Understand:

To understand how your strategies work, you have to analyze, measure and understand what the numbers mean. Install Google Analytics and track your results. Google Search Console is also a very good tool that will give you interesting insights about your CTR, the keywords that you should use on your posts and positions on Google’s pages to get the most readers.

Optimize Your Blog Skill:

Do A / B tests with your blog, edit conversion buttons (CTA), edit campaign images, the frequency of sending emails and identify which changes have generated more or fewer results. Doing a test A / B is something relatively simple: Produce two versions of the same image for example and see which one gets the best results.

Follow the Best Bloggers:

Follow other bloggers, see what they do differently, see what your competitors are posting, and always think about improving your own content! Stay tuned to foreign bloggers and publications from other niche markets that may be applicable to your business. Think about creativity, speed, and credibility!

Follow Case Study Digital Marketing:

There is a large amount of free content available on the internet that allows you to learn more about digital marketing. Check out this content. It can enlighten you on how you should communicate with your audience. In addition to being a tool to facilitate communication, studying digital marketing will allow you to adjust the service you offer to your customers.

Learn the Best Techniques of SEO:

SEO is the initials of Search Engine Optimization. Despite the complicated name, SEO techniques aim to improve the SEO of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing, while improving your organic traffic (non-paying traffic). The results of this strategy are starting to appear in the medium and long term, so this requires a lot of work. To learn more about SEO, or SEO, click here. As soon as your SEO improves and you start to appear among the first results, you will naturally have more visibility.

Need to Invest in Paid Advertising:

Many entrepreneurs, especially beginners, do not want to hear about paid advertising. Paying for advertising means spending money wrongly, does not it? False! Earning money with organic blogs can require a lot of patience and paid to advertise will give more speed to your blog’s development. Good campaigns are actually investments and they will help you promote your blog.

Feed Your Leads with Email Marketing:

Your leads will be valuable so you can start making money. Imagine having a base of 100,000 contacts and sending your emails manually? It does not seem viable to you, does it? Use tools to build purchasing tunnels and automate the entire process.

To do this, use the marketing automation tools where the main goal is to work increasing leads through email marketing. You establish rules that make sending emails automatically.

You will find open source versions in the market such as Mautic and other paid ones like Hubspot.

And if you already have a blog?

Many bloggers have started writing without any pretense and have naturally achieved a significant volume of traffic and a loyal audience. If you already have a blog, but you do not know how to use it to benefit from it, choose from the strategies we’ve introduced to get you started. Your already established audience is a huge asset.

If your blog did not contain advertising space, starting with Google Adsense may not be the best solution, as it may surprise your visitors who are not used to your ad-free page. If you decide to start this way, give yourself space for ads little by little, always worrying about the user experience on your blog’s navigation.

To create an info product, watch how your audience interacts with you. You will probably have an answer to your questions. If your blog talks about the world of pets, a product on dog training can be a perfect choice. Maybe your own readers have already asked for some advice on this. Read the comments and note the needs of your audience. It is also possible to transform all the content of your blog into ebook or video training!

As we have already mentioned, the Affiliate Program is also a gateway for bloggers who already have a large audience! Analyze products that are more related to your market and promote them in your content. With a committed audience, the chance to make sales is much greater!

This post gave you ideas? So it’s time to act! Remember that the work a blog requires is a long-term job, so it’s essential to keep your commitments to achieve your goals!

If our post has been helpful, leave your comment below. Start blog make famous brand Take advantage of this moment to tell us about your strategies in terms of blog management. 🙂


2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

You are Blogger, work on the WordPress website or your YouTube channel. So you need images. Images in the blog website regarding the SEO make important contributions. We are adding images to our article. But we did not know that due to images our website speeds slow down. Google Search Engine does not include all such websites in its own search. The website’s loading speed is slow. You do not know and your website gets out of Google rankings. Read this article and must know 2 Secret Tricks for image Optimization for the blog.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Due to the slowdown of the website you begin to get worried. Content that is also inserted in the website well. SEO is also done well, But web traffic does not come, And the website also loads slowly.

I will tell you two ways How you can reduce image size without spoiling image quality on your website, or How to compress or reduce image size. If you follow these methods, So you can improve the speed of your website, And speed up web page load speeds. its a best SEO Tips by me.

Adobe Photoshop is used to compress images or reduce image size. But who does not use Adobe Photoshop, Or the Adobe Photoshop is not installed on your computer, So you can follow the ways I tell you.

Both of these methods are free and best SEO Tips for your Blog Website.

In a first way, I’ll tell you about a website.

From where you can reduce the size of your image in minutes and the quality of the image will not be even worse.

I have an image for the demo size of 127kb. After opening the website, you’ll have a button show on “Open Photos”.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Open Pixlr.com website


After pressing this button, I will select the same demo image. After selecting the image, a popup window will be opened.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

First, the file name will change. Then image format will allow JPG to stay. The image is to be of high quality.

The image width is to be 740 in image size. This image size is best for the blog website. After completing all this, press the Save button

And the new file will be saved on the computer. Now if the same demo file is viewed, it will have been reduced to 75kb.

Reduce Size 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Now that is the second way you have to download the free software.

The download link for this software is available here.

Download Lighshot


After downloading software, you will install it and then open the settings after clicking on the software icon.

options- 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Then inside the format option, JPEG will have to choose, And JPG quality is required to work 50. Then, after pressing the button, you will save the setting.

I will open the same demo image and dragging with the mouse click button is to complete a full-fledged area. Then save it.

Now, if you see the new image file open in the folder by opening it, Image Quality will not look bad at all, and image file size has also been compressed.

Now you can add images to your website after following this method. Your site’s speed will also not be slow, And Google search engine will also start coming into the site search.

I hope you’ll like these two ways. Your problem is over due to the article, So you must share this article with others, And in the comment box, tell me how you got this article, And how helpful is it for you?

15 Best Free Blogger Templates 2019 – Responsive Layout and SEO Ready

15 Best Free Blogger Templates 2019 – Responsive Layout and SEO Ready

Blogger Templates 2019 Free Download from Tutorial Markaz. Ap agr new website bnaana chahtey hein Ap ko SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free chahye jo ko Responsive Blogger Template b hun tou ap ko paid blogger templates ki zroorat nahi hai.  Blogger newbie k lye bohat brra platform hai jahan ap kuch he mints mein apni blog webste free create ker saktey hein. Google Blogger free hosting place hai and ap with blogger beautiful professional website or business website create ker saktey hein, but ap ko aik premium Blogger template ki zroorat hoti hai.

Blogger Templates 2019 Free Download

Blogger Templates 2019

WordPress aik Best  Powerful Content Management System (CMS) hai lekin if you want to make website on wordpress then ap ko hosting buy krni hogi, Lekin Google Blogger use kernay k lye ap ko azadi hai ap ko just aik custom domain buy krni hoti hai and then ap apni blog webste run kr saktey hein. Ap Google Blogger free Blogspot domain b use ker saktey hein. Domain blogger k sath kaisey connect ki jati hai es per already mein Complete Blogging Course 2019 tutorial video mein step by step seekha chuka hun.

Ap b apna future blogging world mein develop ker saktey hein read more about your future in blogging.

Agar ap beginner hein and hosting buy kernay k lye budget nahi hai tou ap blogger use karen custom domain attach karen tou b ap apni website ranking mein la saktey hein but hard work pehli shirt hai.

Blogger website create ker lenay k baad ap ko Blogger dashboard mein template mil jatey hein. but ap apni professional website k lye yeh blogger provided templates use nahi ker saktey kyun k website layout design he ap ka professionalism show krta hai.

Tou bs agar ap planning to make a blog website on blogger ya ap already blog site bana chukey hein and blogger template dhoond rahey hein tou ap apni talash ko rok dyn kyun k Tutorial Markaz Ap k lye 15+ Best Blogger Templates ly ker aya hai jo k pure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly b hein and Responsive layout k sath free available hein.

Ap apni marzi ka blogger template choose karen and professional website in blogger tyar kar len.

Free Blogger Templates 2019

1- Schema Blogger Template

Schema Blogger Template super niche blogging blogger theme hai. Jissey bohat asaani k sath customize kia ja sakta hai. Elegant theme kisi b niche blog mein use kia ja sakta hai. Speed Loading Fast honey k sath SEO Optimized blogger template hai. Yeh highly customizable and Responsive layout theme hai jissey ap apni marzi k sath Mobile Screen, Deskopt Screen k elawah kisi b screen mein fit dekh saktey hein.

Ap es blogger template ko different niches like Tech Blogging, Event, New Blogging and lates trends k lye b use ker saktey hein. Scheme Blogger template ko google latest search algorithms k sath optimized kia gya hai taa k yeh Google searching and ranking mein peechay na reh sakey.

Demo: Schema Blogger Theme

Schema Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz


  • A stylish and sleek color combination of white and black and blue
  • Seo Ready
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive
  • Adapted From WordPress
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Ads Ready
  • Drop Down Menu
  • White, Black, Blue,
  • Fashion
  • Elegant
  • Simple 2 Columns
  • WhatsApp Sharing
  • Magazine News
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Ready
  • Business
  • 1 Right Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • 2 Columns, 3 Columns Footer.

Download Scheme Template

2- Top Magazine Blogger Template:

Magazine and News Based Websites k lye ready kia Top Magazine beautiful Blogger Template hai. Ap is blogger theme ko use kertay huye Technology, Games, travel destinations, films, blogger magazines jaisi websites create ker saktey hein. Top Magazine Template latest SEO trends and codes k sath ready kia gya hai and perfectly SEO Optimized theme hai, jis ki through ap apni website Google, bing, yahoo per rank kerwa saktey hein. Blogger Templates 2019 mein mazeed ap k lye neechey Top blogger templates b mojood hein.

Demo: Top Magazine Template

Top Magazine Blogger Template Free Download

Stop these mistakes with your website if you want success in blogging

Top Magazine Template Features :

  • Responsive
  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Fast Loading
  • Fashion
  • Magazine
  • Seo Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Slider
  • Ads Ready
  • Clean Layout
  • Simple Design
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Social Sharing
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Social Bookmark Ready

Download Top Magazine Blogger Template

3- Tech News Blogger Template:

Tech News Blogger Template is a modern design blog theme. Es theme ko use kertay huye ap bohat c types ki website create ker saktey hein like, tech, magazine, review, food, photography, how to, travel, lifestyle etc.

Demo : Tech News Theme

Tech News Blogger Template Free DownloadDownload Tech News Template

4- WriteUp Blogger Template

Demo: WriteUp Theme

WriteUp Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download WriteUp Template

5- Alpha Blogger Template

Demo: Alpha Blogger Theme

Alpha Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Alpha Blogger

6- Need Mag Blogger Template

Click for Demo:

Need Mag Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Need Mag Template

7- Gridz Blogger Template :

Demo Template:

Gridz Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Gridz Template

8- New Minima Colored Blogger Template:

Vide Demo Theme

New Minima Colored Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download New Minima Colored Template

9- MiniBlog SEO Blogger Template

Template Demo

MiniBlog SEO Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download MiniBlog SEO Template

10- SoraCart Shopping Template (Online Shopping Store)

View Demo:

Sora Cart Shopping Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Sora Cart Shopping Template

11- Vector Blogger

Live Preview

Vector Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Vector Blogger

12- Healthy Blogger Template

Demo Template:

Healthy Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Healthy Blogger

13- Cleator Blogger Template

Demo Template

Cleator Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Cleator Blogger

14- Super SEO Optimized Template

Demo Template:

Super SEO Optimized Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Super SEO Optimized

15- Recipee Blogger Template

Demo Theme :

Recipee Blogger Template Free Download by Tutorial Markaz

Download Recipee Template

16- Video Download Blogger Template

Free Blogger Templates 2019

Free Blogger Templates 2019

Demo Video Template

Hit the Share button if you like awesome blogger templates. Waiting for your remarks below. Hope so you will like Blogger templates responsive free of cost.

How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog 2019

How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog 2019

What is niche and answer is niche means the topic of your blog. Ap ko blogging kernay ka shoq hai ya ap blogging kerna chahtey hein Starting mein ap ko bohat maza ata hai jab ap new blog site create ker letay ho 1st day ap kisi aik topic like health per blog publish ker dey ho next day ap jump kertay huye dosrey topic like Cricket per blog likh detay ho, next day Smartphone blog and day by day different topics per blog likhtey chaley jatey ho tou yeh ap apna bohat brra nuqsan ker rahey hotey ho and blogging mein fail ho jatey ho.

How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog 2019

For Example, Tutorial Markaz blog for bloggers hai.  Es ki niche Blogging Course, WordPress, SEO Course, Theme Development waghera hein. Ab dekhney mein ya parhney mein yeh kafi sarey topics hein, lekin agar ap thora deeply dekhen gy tou yeh sb Education related hein.  Essey follow kernay k baad Blogging Course seekhnay wala Online blogging ker sakta hai, WordPress seekhnay waley WordPress Website bana saktey hein abd theme development after learning theme developer ban saktey hein.

Yani k ap ko Blogging kernay se pehlay niche or topic decide kerna he hoga k ap in future audience ko kya dena chahtey hein jis se visitor ko confirm ho sakey k ap ki blog website per kya mojood hai.

Mein Ap ko kuch tips dn ga jis se ap faisla ker sako k what will the niche of your blog.

Ab Farz kejiye k ap koi niche decide ker rahey hotey hein ya niche for blog decide ker letay hein tou yahan kuch zaroori cheezon ka khayal lazmi rakhna hoga k ap ne blogging for profit kerni hai, blogging for traffic or blogging for both kerni hai.

Agar tou ap aisey topics for blog decide kertay hein tou ap huge web traffic on your website ly saktey ho but zayda money earn nahi ker saktey.

Ab aisey topics like:

  • Free SMS Services
  • Free Movies Download
  • Free Wallpapers Download
  • Whatsapp Tips and Tricks
  • Mobile Tips
  • etc

aisi niches ap ko lots of traffic tou dy sakti hein but ab zayda money earn nahi ker saktey. Ab bilkul isi trah ap kisi aisi niche for blogging k lye done nahi kertay jis per likhna ap k lye bohat mushkil ho tou yahan ap ko phir yeh sochna hoga k ap ko kya pasand hai, aik achi traffic and valuable money wohi aati hai jahan or jis niche mein future ho, Ap apna career iPhone6 reviews blogging likhney mein kaisey bana saktey ho jb k market mein iphone7 available ho or iphone8 market next month or next year araha ho.

Yahan blogging start kernay se pehly ya before niche deciding in baaton ka khayal rakhna bohat zaroori hai.

1- Your Interests:

Ap ko pehlay yeh sochna hai k ap k interests kis mein ap kya kaam bohat achi tarah se ker saktey hein. Ap cooking expert hein ya ap dressing knowledge rakhtey hein tou ap ko inhi mein se apni niche pick kerni hogi k ap best kya ker saktey hein.

2- Online Business Value: (Monthly, Yearly Searches)

Ap apney interest related niche pick ker letay hein then next step yeh ataa hai k ap ne jo niche done ki hai os ki online business value kaya hai. log kinta ap ki niche ko search kertay hein. Ap cooking expert hein tou Google Searching mein Cooking related zayda kya search kia jata hai. Monthly searches kitni hein ya long term search Cooking mein kis per hein.

3- Trend of the Topic:

Cooking mein zyada trending kya hai. Breakfast recipes searching kitni hai, Russian Dishes per searching zyada hein ya Chinese Dishes trend mein hai. Bilkul isi trah Ap Health topic related searching ker rahey hein tou weight lose searches trend kya or kita hai ya health mein he Body fitnes trend kya hai. yeh sb jan’na ap k lye behadh zarori hai.

Itna sb ker lenay k bad ap ko kafi sari ideas mil saktey hein ap k lye asaan ho sakta hai k ap k lye perfect and right niche konsi hai.

Blogging Niche choose kernay mein ap ko mazeed guide kerta hun.

Aisey konsey topics hein jin mein ap ka interest hai, Sports, Movies, Music, Cooking, Ap aik list bnaani shuru ker dyn.

  • Sports mein Cricket, Hockey, Football etc.
  • Movies mein Holywood Movies or Bollywood Movies e
  • Music mein Country Music, Pop Music, Classical Music etc.
  • Cooking mein Russian Foods, Chines, Desi Dishes, Pakistani Dishes etc.

Yeh kaam karney k lye preshan nahi hun, Ap ko wahan pohnchna hai jahan se ap start lena chahtey hein.


Yeh kaam kernay k baad ap k lye mazeed asaan hota jye ga k ap ka actually interest kis mein hai. Ap list ready ker letay hein and on top Football ap ka interesting topic hai. Ap Google search kertay ho tou ap k samney football365.com, arsenal.com, and premierleague.com jaisi competition websites googling mein nazar ati hein and ap wohi ruk jatey hein then ap on listed apna 2nd interest Frog Catch googling kertay hein then ap ko competition zero nazar aata hai. Google searching zero show hoti hai. tou ap ko kya frog catches per blog create kerna chahiye?

Ap frog catches method, how to eat a frog, frog tongue functions googling kertay hein,  tou sochen zero competition, sufficient number of people’s googling, then blogging success kaisey achieve ker payen gy agr ap www.frogcatches.com website bna ker beth jayen gy.

How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog 2019

Mein ny Tutorial Markaz Education niche choose ki, issey roman urdu mein ready kia, mein chahta tou english language website b bana sakta tha but mein chahta tha k mein kuch sikhaun un ko b jo English language na aaney ki waja se kuch b seekh nahi rahey. Tutorial Markaz meri apni choice hai. mein agar tutorialcourseonline.com website bana leta and english content daalney k baad huge traffic and earning pick ker sakta tha.

Same ap football competition dekh ker 1st interest block ker detay hein tou yeh ap apney ap ko fail ker rahey hein. Ap Football game interest rakhtey hein tou ap Alexander-Arnold, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chelsea ko b jantey hein, ap un k barey mein likh saktey hein ap Cristiano Ronaldo best records per blogging ker saktey hein, Ap Chelsia best goals blogging ker saktey hein. Ap ko compitition k aagey apni success nahi rokni chahiye.

Ab yahan aisa b nahi hai k ap Brazilfootballteam2025.com website create kernay k baad Ronaldo best goals, Alexander-Arnold updats 2019 mein via blogging dena start ker dyn. Ap Football mein interest rakhtey hein tou ap Football players trending search karen and blogging start karen. Google Trends se ap any trending topic search ker saktey hein.

How To Choose A Blogging Niche For Your New Blog 2019

Yahan ap ko aik golden rule for blogging dy dn k Doesn’t pick topics that don’t interest you.

Blogging sirf sharing the knowledge he nahi hai, bal k it’s about educating yourself hai. So jb ap apni blogging niche choose ker lyn then find long-term project jin k baarey mein ap likh saken.

Inn points ki through a good niche identify kernay ki koshish karen, mujhey intezar rahey ga k ap  ne konsi niche for blooging choose ki, comment below and share this post.

You can read more aboud:

Create Android Apps Store Website in Blogger Free

Create Android Apps Store Website in Blogger Free

Earn Money Series with Blogging last video mein hum ny jana k how to create menu in blogger, Jaisa k ap jantey hein k hum Android Apps Store free website like play store blogger mein bnana seekh rahey hein usi se aagey move kertay huye hum aj seekhen gy k how to add post in blogger, Android Apps kahan se kaisey leni hai.

Create Android Apps Store Free Website and Earn Money in Urdu Hindi - Complete Blogging Course 2019

Android Apps Store website trending topic banta ja raha hai. Internet per bohat sarey aisey online tools, software available hein jin ki through ap PC/Laptop per Android apps run ker saktey hein. Yahan ap ko aik baat btata jaun k hum Android Apps Website per Google AdSense b laga saktey hein, mein In Sha Allah us k baarey mein b btaun ga k ap kaisey Google ads display kerwa ker earning ker saktey hein but es series mein Google AdSense k ealwah b mein ap ko at a time 3 others options k sath ads se at a time earn money online kernay ka treeqa btaun ga.

Blogger Dashboard mein se new post option mein ja ker ab sb se pehlay zarorat parti hai k how to add content in the blog. Hum smart work apply kertay huye, farz kejiye agar humey Android Apps Store Website mein YouTube app add kerni hai ya hum Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ya koi b apps add kerna chahtey hein tou easy way ko follow kertay huye Google Play Store website open kernay k baad jo app hum apni APK Website mein add kerna chah rahey hein usy search karen gy, like agar Instagram android apps ko add kerna hai tou search kernay k baad Instagram description jo Google Play Store mein mention ki gyi hein ussey copy ker k apni website mein paste karen gy, Don’t worry yeh sb copyright free hai.

Es k baad ap ko Create Android Apps Store Website class 03 mein aik aisi website ka btaya gya hai jidher se ap jis b app ko apni website mein add kerna chah rahey hein us ki description ko use ker saktey hein.

Yaad rahey k Blogger mein content type kertay huye Labels jaisey WordPress mein category mention ki jati hai, Agar ap WorPress barey mein nahi jantey tou read about what is WordPress . Blogger mein lable use kiye jatey hein wahan ap ko label mein jo apps add ker rahey hein os ki category mention kerna hogi, For example, Instagram social app hai tou label mein es ki category social hogi aisey he agar ap Kmplayer apk or MXPlayer apk android website mein add kertay hein tou os ki category Multimedia hogi. Labels add kernay k sath ap ko sath subcategory b mention/add kerna hoga jo ap k menubar mein add ki jaye gi.

Create Androide Apps Store in blogger

Yahan tak complete kernay k baad next step aata hai k how to add download button in blogger. Tou es k lye b ap ko preshan honey ki zarorat nahi hai. Esi android apps store tutorial video mein ap ko dikhaya or seekhaya gya hai k ap kaisey Download button add ker saktey hein. Ap just neechey diye gye code ko copy karen.

<div style='text-align: center;'>
<ul class='btn'>
<li><a class='gplay'YOUR-LINK-HERE' target='_blank'>GOOGLE PLAY</a></li>
<li><a class='download' href='YOUR-LINK-HERE' target='_blank'>DOWNLOAD</a></li>

class 03 download button Android Store Website

Es code ko copy kernay k baad ap blogger dashboard mein settings open kernay k baad Post Template mein paste ker dyn gy and save button per click ker dyn gy. Ab ap jb b new apps add kernay k lye new post open keray gy tou automatically Download buttons us mein add hungy. Yahan ap ko 2 download buttons k option diye ja rahey hein, 1 button Google Play Store se app download kernay ka hoga and 2nd direct download button hoga, jis mein ap link add ker k apps download kerwa saktey hein. Yahan ap ki choice per hai k ap Google Play Store Download button include kerna chahty hein ya nahi. How to add download link in button ka tareeqakar video mein detail k sath dikhaya gya hai.


Hope So ap ko es class se b kafi faida hoga. Tutorial Markaz Complete Blogging Course 2019 k sath ap ko different topis per website create kerna b seekha raha hai, is baarey mein ap detail Earn money Series with blogging se parrh saktey hein. Learn more Earn more k lye hardwork and passion most importants hein. Aj ki class ap ko kaisi lagi neechey comment box mein btaye ga zaroor and agar ap ko waqai mein Tutorial Markaz se seekhney ko mil raha hai tou please share this article.

Let’s Start Earn Money Series with Blogging

Let’s Start Earn Money Series with Blogging

Complete Blogging Course 2019 mein basics learn kertay huye aj se hum Blogging Earn Money Series start kernay ja rahey hein, isi hawaley se earn money online series ki pehli complete tutorial video and detail ap ko is article mein miley gi. Online work mein bohat sarey methods hein jo make money online solutions samney rakhtey hein but mostly make money online methods flop or fail hotey hein because wo long term nahi hoty but Tutorial Markaz mein is article and tutorial video ko parrhney k baad ap ko achi trah se andaza ho jaye ga or ap jan jayen gy k professional website create kernay k baad earn money kaisey ki jati hai.

Let's Start Earn Money Series with Blogging

Google ki taraf se dia janey wala free hosting platform Blogger.com jahan free blogspot domain k sath unlimited websites create ki ja sakti hein. but website create kerna yeh kahi prove nahi kerta k us se ab earning start ho jye gi. Her koi jo online field mein earning kerna chahta hai wo differents make money sources use kerta hai kuch log by luck successful ho jatey hein or mostly peoples fail ho jatey hein. aisey he blogger per free website create ker lenay k baad agli khwahish hoti hai k Google AdSense ki through earning ki jasakey, website per Google ads show hn but yeh b her guzrtey wqat k sath ab asaan nahi raha, Google AdSense related Google policies b update hoti rehti hein. Jinnehy follow na kerney waley nuqsan uthatey hein. kisi b website ki pehli shart quality hoti hai and then next effort Web Traffic hoti hai ta k site per traffic aye and Google Ads earning increase ho sakey.

Blogger World mein bohat sarey aisey aisey bloggers hein jo just blogging through monthly millions earn kertay hein. Wo b is jaga tak hard work kernay k baad pohanch paye hein. Start mein unhon ny b bohat efforts kien then wo blogging successfully history develop ker paye hein. Blogging or Website huge source of earn  money online but after hard work.

Mein apni her class mein ap se yahi kehta aya hun k blogging se raaton raat earning shuru nahi ho jati, passion active kerna perta hai. work kerna prta hai then with guranty money earn ki jaskti hai.

Complete Blogging Course 2019 mein Blogging Earn Money Series ky 1st part mein hum 1 aisi professional website bnana seekhen gy jis ki through handsome online earning ki ja sakti hai.

Is mein hum Google Play Store type website create karen gy. Is website mien Android Apps, Modd Apps, Gaming Apps and others apps jo users download and install kertay hein,  ko kaisey kahan se kis trah se lagaya jata hai yeh sikhaya jaye ga and Tutorial Markaz isi series mein sikhaye ga k agar koi website user Android App Store website se 1 app download kerta hai tou kaisey three different sources se earning ho gi. Isi professional blogging earning series one Create Android Apps Store Website mein SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips b di jyen gi jo k android website ko rank karwany mein helpful hungi.

Android Apps Store like Play Store Website k lye jis theme ko use kia jaye ga wo blogger template completely SEO Friendly Template and Mobile Friendly Template hoga as like responsive blogger template jo k Google Searching mein quickly rank ho sakey ga.

Download Android Apps Store Theme

Agar Ap Android Apps Store Website 2,3 months hard work ker k complete ker letay hein tou In Sha Allah yeh baat confirm hein k ap Apps Store site se earn money online ker saktey hein. Mazeed Detail k  lye Part one Video complete dekhyen.

M Sure, Ap ko Earn monney with blogging series zaroor pasand aye gi. Article and class one video pasand ayi ho kindly share lazmi kejiye ga, and comment mein ap k remarks ka wait rahey ga.