2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size for Blog

You are Blogger, work on the WordPress website or your YouTube channel. So you need images. Images in the blog website regarding the SEO make important contributions. We are adding images to our article. But we did not know that due to images our website speeds slow down. Google Search Engine does not include all such websites in its own search. The website’s loading speed is slow. You do not know and your website gets out of Google rankings. Read this article and must know 2 Secret Tricks for image Optimization for the blog.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Due to the slowdown of the website you begin to get worried. Content that is also inserted in the website well. SEO is also done well, But web traffic does not come, And the website also loads slowly.

I will tell you two ways How you can reduce image size without spoiling image quality on your website, or How to compress or reduce image size. If you follow these methods, So you can improve the speed of your website, And speed up web page load speeds. its a best SEO Tips by me.

Adobe Photoshop is used to compress images or reduce image size. But who does not use Adobe Photoshop, Or the Adobe Photoshop is not installed on your computer, So you can follow the ways I tell you.

Both of these methods are free and best SEO Tips for your Blog Website.

In a first way, I’ll tell you about a website.

From where you can reduce the size of your image in minutes and the quality of the image will not be even worse.

I have an image for the demo size of 127kb. After opening the website, you’ll have a button show on “Open Photos”.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Open Pixlr.com website


After pressing this button, I will select the same demo image. After selecting the image, a popup window will be opened.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

First, the file name will change. Then image format will allow JPG to stay. The image is to be of high quality.

The image width is to be 740 in image size. This image size is best for the blog website. After completing all this, press the Save button

And the new file will be saved on the computer. Now if the same demo file is viewed, it will have been reduced to 75kb.

Reduce Size 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Now that is the second way you have to download the free software.

The download link for this software is available here.

Download Lighshot


After downloading software, you will install it and then open the settings after clicking on the software icon.

options- 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Then inside the format option, JPEG will have to choose, And JPG quality is required to work 50. Then, after pressing the button, you will save the setting.

I will open the same demo image and dragging with the mouse click button is to complete a full-fledged area. Then save it.

Now, if you see the new image file open in the folder by opening it, Image Quality will not look bad at all, and image file size has also been compressed.

Now you can add images to your website after following this method. Your site’s speed will also not be slow, And Google search engine will also start coming into the site search.

I hope you’ll like these two ways. Your problem is over due to the article, So you must share this article with others, And in the comment box, tell me how you got this article, And how helpful is it for you?

Learn About Types of SEO – White, Black & Grey Hat SEO

Learn About Types of SEO – White, Black & Grey Hat SEO

Ap se koi sawal pochey k how many types of SEO or What Are The Different Types Of SEO tou ap yaqennan nahi bata payen gy. Yahi seekhny samjny k lye Complete SEO course 2019 ki class ready ki gyi hai.

05 Complete SEO Course 2019 for Beginners tutorial video in urdu hindi - Types of SEO 2019

Last class mein hum ny Crawling and Indexing k baarey mein jana hum ny samjha k search engines kaisey kaam kartey hein. Crawler kya hein and kaisi seo techniques py indexing kertay hein. Ap How Search Engines Works and what is crawling & Indexing k baarey mein detail jaan saktey hein.
Tou ab sawal yeh hai k SEO types kitni hoti hein, and answers is Seo 3 types ki hoti hai.

  • White Hat Seo
  • Black Hat Seo
  • Grey Hat Seo

Complete SEO course 2019 ki tamaan classes and seo tutorial videos white hat seo per he hngi.

What is White Hat Seo:

White hat seo aik aisa prosess hai jis k sath hum Google terms and conditions follow kertay huye Search Engine Optimization se jurri guide lines per amal karty hein.
Yani koi aisa kaam nahi kartey jo Google ko pasand na ho. Agar ap Google Policies follow kertay hein tou ap ki site kisi particular keyword py rank honey mein kuch time tou ly leti hai, kuch maheeny b lag jaty hein. Yahaan ap ko aik baat btaa dn k ap best seo technique k sath website content add kertay hein tou ye matlab nahi k 2,4 din ya hftey baad ap ka content ranking mein aana shuru ho jye. Google 5 to 6 months laga deta hai but 2 to 3 months results milna shuru ho jaty hein. Pure Seo content ranking slow tou hoti hai but ye ranking phir bohat saal tk chalti hai, isi lye Tutorial Markaz just white hat seo sikhaye ga.

What is Black Hat SEO:

Black hat seo white hat seo k opposite hoti hai. Es mein koi b Google guide line follow nahi ki jati. Her ulttey tareqy se seo ki jati hai jissey google sakht napasand kerta hai.
Black Hat SEO mein Keyword stuffing, Link Spamming, Hidden Text, Cloaking and Hidden links wgera use kiye jatey hein.
Es k lye alag se jaany gy k kaisey hum ny apni website ko black hat seo se secure website rkhni hai. Keyword stuffing py baat hogi and what is link spamming, kaisey bad websites per links bnaye jatey hein. Content mein zyda keywords use krna keyword stuffing mein aata hai.
Black Hat SEO ki through site ranking tou jldi mil jati hai but yeh short term ranking hoti hai. Google ko dhookha dia ja raha hota hai. .
Ap freelancing websites like fiverr abd UpWork py dekhen gy tou freelancers fiverr gigs bana kr aisi services provide ker rahy hein and bohat sarey log aisi services use krtey hein.

Ab sawal yeh hai k log aisi services kyun letay hein?
Tou jo log freelancers se aisi services buy krtey hein wo apni website k lye nahi bl k apny mukhalif ki websites k lye buy krty hein. Services provider’s just tools use kertay hein and jb tools ki through backlinks generate kiye jatey hein tou google bots, spiders and algorithm b bachey nahi hotey bl k itney expert hotey hein k fori pkrr lety hein jahan Black Hat SEO use hui ho and then goolge aisi sites ko block b ker deta hai and agr koi page already black hat seo ki through egoogle ranking mein araha ho tou ussey ranking se out ker deta hai, even aisa b ho jata hai k ap k home page url ko blacklist ker deta hai. Website google nei show he nahi hoti.
Es k lye mein alag se is per video bnaaun ga jis mein btaaunga k kaisry website ko black hat seo se bchaana hai and agar koi hmari site py black hat seo krwna b chahta ho tou kaisey website secure krni hai.

Know About what is Grey Hat SEO:

3rd type Grey Hat SEO hai ye oper wali dono types ki drmyani shakal hai. Yeh na white hat seo mein aati hai na black hat seo mein aati hai bl k yeh aik aisi technical technique hai jis mein white and black hat seo pori tarah use nahi hoti.
Gray Hat SEO mein dono types mix ker k use ki jati hein. Agar 90% white hat seo use ki gyi ho tou 10% black hat seo use ki jati hai. Jb hum ne kisi specific keyword per website ko jaldi rank kerwana ho tou tb gray hat seo apply ki jati hai.
Ap agar SEO Beginners hein tou es se door rehnay ka mashwra dn ga kyun k es mein chotti c galti ho jye tou google software’s quickly dedect ker letay hein or phir ap ko and ap ki website ko SYYAPEY prr jatey hein.

How Does Search Engines Work with Crawling and Indexing SEO Course

How Does Search Engines Work with Crawling and Indexing SEO Course

Ap itna tou jantey e hungy k What is SEO and how it works. Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 last video class mein hum ne search engine optimization (SEO) ko achi trah se seekha samjha and crawling, indexing ko discuss kia. Aj hum SEO Class 05 mein hum samjhen gy k how search engines work, what is crawling and indexing. How to crawl website in google.

How Does Search Engines Works with Crawling and Indexing

How Does Search Engines Work with Crawling and Indexing

SEO Training for beginners tutorial video and tutorial article mein pehlay hum Crawling & Indexing ko samjhna hai, ab jo search engines ( Google Search Engine, Bing Search Engine, Yandex Search Engine) hotey hein ye crawling and indexing py depend kertay hein..

Google Search engine ya koi b search engines ky automated bots hotey hein jo crawl kertay hein. Bots ko spider’s b kaha jata hai. Crawlers ka kaam yahi hota hai k hamesha ghoomtey rehna, Crawling means Reengna hai, aisey he Googlebot her waqat reengtay hein, idher udher crawl kerty hein. Her jaga Websites, WebPage, site page, post title, article, search description, tags, images, videos, keywords, and page links ko crawl ker rahey hoty hein.

Google crawlers aik second mein thousands k hisaab se crawling kertay hein. En ki speed itni super fast hoti hai k ap agar Google search mein ” make money” search karen tou 1-second k kisi hissey mein seach results show kerwa dety hein jis mein thousands of pages links ajaatey hein. Ap jb google search query add kertay hein tou crawlers phir indexing kerta hai, yani k crawlers ny site database crawling ker li os k baad ab google database mein pohanch jata hai or jb ap google search kertay hein tou top end best sites google standards k mutabiq hoti hein, unhen google front page per jaga dy ker google ranking mein shamil ker lia jata hai. Ap agar WEB TRAFFIC  keyword google search karen tou search result mein ads links k baad sb se pehlay title mein keyword WEB TRAFFIC show ho raha hoga, then title se neechy page link mein same keyword add hoga and Search description mein b web traffic show ho raha hoga. Crawlers ny esi keyword ki base per issey index kerwaya hai jaisa k batya tha k crawler title, page link and search description ko crawl kerta hai

Google terms and conditions like google rules essi waja se hein taa k best search results k lye wo jo search result dy os per SEO TECHNIQUES use hui hun.

Hope so, ap ko ALPHA Complete SEO Course class 04 ko achi tarah se samjh aachuki hogi, Hum ne samjha k search engines kaisey kaam kertay hein, crawling and indexing functions kya hein. es lecture ki tutorial video TuTorial Markaz YouTube channel per mojood hein. article ko share lazmi kejiye ga or ap k comment ka wait rahey ga.

SEO Tutorial ki next class mein Types of SEO ko jaan’ny or samjhney ki koshish karen gy.

Let’s know What is SEO and How Does it Works Exactly

Let’s know What is SEO and How Does it Works Exactly

Topday topic is How SEO Work. Digital Marketing Kya hai? Digital Marketing and SEO ka apis mein kya connection hai? Digital Marketing Free & Paid Methods kya hain yeh sb hum Alpha Complete SEO Course ki last video mein seekh chukey or samjh chukey. Aj hum SEO Course ki class mein What is SEO and how it works, es ko jan’na samjhna hai.

Let's know What is SEO and How Does it Work by Tutorial Markaz

As beginners ap ne SEO k baarey mein suna hoga or SEO Basics knowledge b hoga.Kya ap jantey hein k SEO Work kaisey kerti hai? or how to work with seo? m Sure ap ka answer now hoga.  Jaisa k last video mein b btaya tha k SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization hai.

Ap koi b Optimized SEO Content ready kertay hein. Complete On page SEO kernay k baad Google indexing kerwaty hein tou search still works kerti rehti hai jb tak ap ka SEO Friendly content apki website per mojood rehta hai. ab yahan swal yeh paida hota hai k how does google seo work?

Search Engine Optimization SEO based ready article Google Crawling ki help se top Google Searching mein aana shuru hotey hein. Koi b internet User Google query keywords kerta hai tou agar ap k article mein wo SEO Keyword mojood ho tou seo works with google crawling start ho jti hai.

SEO aik aisa process hai jis ki madad se hum online koi b cheez like product promotion, business promotion, and website ko organic and natural way mein search engines mein top per la saktey hein.
Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Google Search mein agar Web Hosting search kia jaye tou sb se top waley links mein AD likha hua show hoga. Inn sites walon ny Web Hosting Keyword per paisey kharach ker k Google Advertisement karwai hoti hai tabhi AD included links top per show ho rahey hein. Jis b link k start mein AD likha hoga tou samjh jayen k wo Site SEO ki waja se nahi bal k Google Adwords ko paisey dy ker Google Front page and top per ai hai. Es se neechay Google first page per jo sites show ho rahi hungi, un sites links k start mein AD nahi likha hoga because yeh search engine organic hai. Unn sites ki Strong SEO hai tabhi wo hundreds websites ko cross kerti hui Google front page per mojood hein. Ab yahan samjhney wali baat k hum agar Web Hosting google search kery gy tou yeh sites top per honey ki waja se hamary samney ajayen gi hum google pages mein nahi jayen gy bl k Samsung mobiles information jis b maqsad k lye hum ne Samsung mobiles search kia hoga, hamara wo maqsad inhi sites mein poora hojaye ga. Search engines optimization tips mein yeh aik best SEO Technique hai or issey ap Search Engine Optimization Results b keh saktey hein.

Let's know What is SEO and How Does it Work by Tutorial Markaz

Ab aik tou in sites ko faida yeh hoga k yeh Google first page per hein and 2ndly big advantage website traffic hai, means un sites per organic traffic bohat zayda arahi hogi, jaisey hamara maqsad inhi sites mein janey k baad poora ho jaye ga aisey he yeh visitors ko aagey janey ka moqa nahi dyn gi, saari traffic in per he aa ker ruk jaye gi, aagey wohi jaye ga jis ka maqsad in sites per pora nahi hoga.

Yeh hoti hai SEO Search Engine Optimization.
Jis site per jitni zayda organic traffic hogi, os site ki value b google ki nazar mein utni he zayda hogi. Google k aagey wo nayab site hoti hai.
Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 mein hum ne In Sha Allah apney kisi page ko aisey he practically rank kerwaana hai or top per lana hai, tabh ap SEO values ko samjh payen gy and issey seekhnay k lye aik dafa jan lga dyn gy.

Search Engine Optimization ka mazeed postmortem karen tou issey or zayda behter samjh payen gy.

  • word SEO mein SE means Search Engine ya Search engines like Google Search engine hai jis mein hum query search kertay hein and O for Optimization means qabil bannana yani apni product, website ko search engine k qabil bannaney kanaam Search Engine Optimization hai.
    Top Secrets about Web Traffic and How to get Google AdSense Fast
  • Must know about SEO in Digital Marketing
  • How does works Google Crawling and Indexing

    SEO k lye Google terms and conditions b rakhta hai.SEO k lye jis ki base per Google back pages or back sites links ko front page per lata hai. Jab hum apni website page google index kerwatey hein tou google crawls, Google bots, ya Google Spider’s ny jb os page ko index kia tb crawling mein google ny jb dekha k es page mein hamari techniques achi trah se use hui hein, Google Term & Conditions follow ki gyi hein phir jaa ker google hamarey os page ko top per lata hai, and Google techniques SEO ko hee kehtay hein.

Ap ney Google mein Web Hosting search kia tou ap k samney bold sa Web Hosting likha hua hai, link k neechay jo paragraph hai jissy search description kehty hein, Google crawls inhi mein crawling kertay hein, dekhtay hein k jis keyword ko search kia hai wo es search description mein mojood hai ya nahi or jb Google crawls ko crawling kertay huye keyword nazar aaye ga tou woh apni crawling mazeed tez ker k page utha ker top per la ker rakh dy ga k bhai es page waley ny sari Google SEO conditions follow ki hein so es site ko aagey jana chahiye.
Hamari next SEO Class Google Crawlers per he hogi or Crawling ko he next tutorial video mein samjhna hai k Google Crawles or Google Bots kya hotey hein unhen qabu mein kaisey kia jata hai.

Let's know What is SEO and How Does it Work by Tutorial Markaz

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 ki Class 03 mein hum ne samjha k what is SEO and how it works. Es lecture ko yahi khtam kerta hun. Ap es class ki practical tutorial video YouTube Channel TuTorial Markaz per b dekh saktey hein. Es class se jurri koi b baat koi b sawal ho tou Article comment or video comment mein lazmi pochiye ga. ap k feedback ka wait rahey ga. meri yeh effort pasand i ho tou Alpha Comple SEO Course 2019 Article and Video ko share lazmi kejye ga.
Shaad Rahen 🙂

Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Complete SEO Course 2019 ki last video mein SEO Course related overview lia jana, Aj ki SEO tutorial video mein hum ny seekhna hai k what is Digital Marketing, What the difference between SEO and Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Free Methods and paid methods.Learn About What is SEO in Digital MarketingSEO seekhnay k lye ab jo pehla swal hota hai k What is SEO in Digital Marketing?. Ab jaisa k last video mein btaya hai tha k SEO advanced ho chuki hai, us ki apni branches open ho chuki hein jin mein on the top Digital Marketing hai. Ab pehlay ye jan’na zaroori hai k Digital Marketing kya hai.

What is Digital Marketing Explained:

Digital Marketing aik aisi service hai jis se hum online product sale kertay hein, online marketing kertay hein, online promote kertay hein, Advertising kertay hein. Issey internet marketing or digital marketing kaha jata hai.

Digital Marketing 1990 to 2000 k darmyan mein develop hona shuru hui, jb log digital marketing k baarey mein jan’ny lgy tou Internet world mein bohat brra change aana shhuru ho gya tha. Logoon ko internet marketing k options mil gye thy. Advertising companies Digitial marketing mein aana shuru ho gyi thi. Product promotion or business promotion internet marketing mein trending banti ja rahi thi.

Ab hamey aagey Digital Marketing methods ko dekhna hai jin se product promotion, business promotion or Website promote ker saktey hein.
In mein sb se pehlay 2 free methods of digital marketing ko jantey hein.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Digital Marketing free methods k baad 4 paid methods of digital marketing yeh hein.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Mobile Marketing

Ab hum one by one free and paid methods of digital marketing ko samjhtey hein.

Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO Services in Digital Marketing

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Free:

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 mein abi SEO k baarey mein bohat kuch seekhna hai. chorrna nai hai issey. theek hai na…?

SEO aik aisa process hai jis se hum google ki traf se di gyi techniques ko magnet system means maqnateesi treeqay se apni traf kheenchtay hein.

For Ex, Ap apni website create kertay hein then SEO use kertay huye Google top websites mein apni website ko laatey hein. Website ko SEO k sath optimize kia jata hai.
Agar ap google search mein ja ker SEO Tools search karen tou google search mein jo links show ho rahy hein un k start mein AD likha hua hai. Ad kya hai issey baad mein discuss kertay hein, es se neechay jaye tou ab link k shuru mein AD nahi likha hua. Yeh woh sites hein ko SEO ki through Google search 1st page per aye hein. Hum koi b query or keyword google search kertay hein tou 95% hamey jo chahye hota hai wo hamey google first page per he mil jata hai, bohat rare cases mein uhm google 2nd page or 3rd page mein jaatey hein, or ab jaisa k hum ne SEO tools search kia tou jaisey jaisey aagy jatey jayen gy tou possible hai sainkrron, hazaroon pages samney aatey jayen.
Google search bar k neechay total results show ho rahy hoty hein, it means jo keyword search kia us se related itny zyda links google search results mein hein jin mein se 1st-page wali sites top tak ai hein, apni site ko aisey top per natural way SEO ko utilize kernay se ai hein.
Organic way se kis trah free SEO k sath site top per aati hai yahi hamara main subject hai or Digital marketing mein product promotion or business promotion issi tareeqay se hoti hai.

2- Social Media Optimization (SMO) Free:

Social Media mein ap agar facebook, twitter website open karen, like agar ap facebook open karen tou wahan b search bar show ho raha hota hai, social media b search engine hai, ap agar facebook search bar mein SEO Tools search karen tou yahan b ap k samney google search results ki trah facebook search results ayen gy. jo top per results shows ho rahy hungy yeh sb optimizes ki through samney aye hein mean un mein b SEO use hui hai, tou issey kehtay hein Social Media Optimization.

3- Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Paid

Ab agar ap chahtey hein k ap ki website google 1st page per aani chahye ya agr ap business promotion, product promotion k lye google first page per aana chahtey hein tou us k lye ap ko Google Advertising kerwani parti hai. jaisa k google search result mein un sites ny karwai hai jin k link k start mein AD likha show ho raha hai, unhon ny google ko paisey diye hein. 
Google product jissey Google Adwords kehtay hein site open karen tou Google Adwords site jissey PPC Advertising b kehtay hein. Un sites walon se es google AdWords se advertising kerwai hai. Yahan kisi particular keyword or product k lye paisey dy ker Google first page per aye hein. Google advertising different hai and bing advertising different cheez hai, yani k Google search engine marketing and bing search engine marketing donoo alag alag cheezen hein.

4- Social Media Marketing (SMM) Paid:

What is social media marketing (SMM)? es k lye ap phir se facebook per jayen gy and jo kaam Google AdWords and Bing Advertising se letay hein yahi services hamen Social Media Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others social siter b deti hein.

Hum Social media networks ki through bhi apni website, product promotion, business promotion kerwa saktey hein. Ap ne aksar dekha hoga k Ap k facebook homepage per right side per sponsor links show ho rahey hotey hein. Woh sb Paid advertising hoti hai.
Facebook Advertising k lye Advertising on FB open kernay k baad Facebook Advertising ki jati hai and yaad rakheyn k fb advertising k lye Facebook Page huna lazmi hai.

5- Social Media Optimization (SMO) Free

Mein ne searching mein kuch logon ko kehtay dekha k Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimising dono aik he hein, jb k social media marketing paid hai and social media optimization free hai, jaisey search engine optimization (SEO) free hai. 

Ab yeh free es lye hai k jaisa k oper btaya k social media aik search engine hai jidher se ap kuch search kertay hein tou search related FB post, FB pages, FB Images,videos and groups ajatey hein. Ab jo jo b fb search results mein aata hai wo sb optimized hotey hein unhy SEO k sath tyar kia hota hai.

Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

6- Email Marketing (PAID):

Digital Marketing mein es wqat Email marketing ko sb se zayda pasand kia ja raha hai yeh paid es lye hai kyun k is mein kuch email tools, software buy ker ky email marketing ki jati hai. Ap aksar apney email inbox mein dekhtay hungy k pata nahi kidher kidher se emails ai hoti hein, bohat saari community Email marketing ki through he target hoti hai. Beshak website ky lye email marketing ki ho tou website per traffic aati hai. Affiliate marketing programme mein email marketing hot favorite maani jati hai.

7- Mobile Marketing:

Ap k mobile per aksar sms aatey rehtay hein jis mein kisi business promote kia ja raha hota hai, product promotion ho rahi hoti hai, Es ko mobile marketing kehtay hein.
Es lecture ko yahi khtam kerta hun. Hope so, ap SEO and Digital Marketing ko achi tarah se samjh gye hun gy. Ap essi article ki practical tutorial video ko Tutorial Markaz website per b dekh sktey hein. Mujy ap k comment ka wait rahey ga .
Apna bohat sara khayal rkhiye ga.

Ultimate Secrets Of Alpha Complete SEO COURSE FREE 2019

Ultimate Secrets Of Alpha Complete SEO COURSE FREE 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) jo issey seekh gya woh Blogging King ban gya.Ussey Google, Bing, Yandex jaisey barrey search engines k elawah other’s search engines ko b apni ungliyon py nichaaney ka fun agya. Tutorial Markaz ussi fun ko baantney ja raha hai.

Secrets Of Alpha Complete SEO COURSE FREE 2019

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 mein kisi b shortcut ko magic stick bana ker na sikhana chahta hun na he kisi shortcut pasand kerta hun. SEO blogging mein he use nahi hoti, Ap Youtuber hein tou b SEO must hai, Ap apni kisi product like affiliate marketing, Business Marketing ker rahey hein tou wahan b SEO k bagair guzarah mumkin nahi, Even that ap Social Community means social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram k elawah other’s social platform jahan ap apna message apni baat deliver kerna chahtey hein wahan b SEO laazim o malzoom maani jati hai.

Bohat se Logon ka khyal hai k SEO Ranking ka dosra naam hai. Agar un ka yeh khayal mukamal sch nahi tou mukamal jhoot b nahi hai. SEO Itni advance hoti ja rahi hai k es ny apni different branches nikaal di hein, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) top on the lists hein.

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 ko basics to advanced khulley dil or khaloos k sath seekhaney ka iradah hai, Beginners ko mind mein rakh ker SEO Complete Course ko itna easy tayar kia ja raha hai k In Sha Allah agar ap sath jurrey rahey tou whole life SEO k sath jurr jayen gy.

Aj kal har koi YouTube / Google search kerta hai k ” How to make money, How to earn money “, then most easy way create blog website nazar aata hai. Blogger website create kertay hein, Content add kertay hein phir pata chalta hai k aisey website rank nahi hoti us k lye SEO must hai, then SEO tutorial Videos, SEO Articles searching ki jati hai, jitna pata chalta hai utna e SEO website bana leta hai but kahi na kahi confusion baqi rehti hai or Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 mein unhi tamaam confusions ko khatam kerna hai. 

Let’s expose, ap k samney seerrhiyan hein jo ooper aik bulandi per ja ker khatam hoti hein or wo bulandi nazron ki bajaye ser oper utha ker dekhnay se nazar aati hai, hum ne usi bulandi tk In Sha Allah pohnchna hai. Hum ne seerhiyan charrhtey time jump ker k drmyan se seerrhiyan skip nahi kerni, hamen kuch hasil kerna hai, hamen kachwey ki chaal b chalni hai or hamen Alpha b ban’na hai, Hamen bus SEO ko apni muthi mein qabu kerna hai.

 I think meri yeh baten ap ko bore ker rahi hungi, but mein apney experience ko ap sb k sath share kerna chahta hun, mein chahta hun k jahan jahan mein gira ap wahan na giren, ap ko sambhalun ap ko btaun k yahan ab aisey chalna hai taa k ap baar baar gir ker thak na jayen.

Complete SEO paid course mein he mil pata hai but Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 fully free of cost hai and yeh expire course nahi hai or na he dukaandari k lye hai, ye sirf ap sb k lye hai, Ap financially kamzor hein ya ap ko aisi koi support nahi hai jis se ap serious honey k bwjood SEO learning se mehroom rahein tou khud ko relax ker lyn or Tutorial Markaz k sath rishta jorr lyn In Sha Allah kabhi yeh khayal nahi aye ga k yeh banda b shopkeeper nikla.

Learn About What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Let’s know What is SEO and How Does it Work

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 ka overview letay hein, Es course ko different categories mein devide ker k easy to learn design kia gya hai ta k ap 1 taraf se start ly ker step by step aagey ko move kertay jayen.

The Ultimate Secrets Of Alpha Complete SEO COURSE 2019


  1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. How do a search engine works
  3. SEO starts from the website
  4. Niche selection with keywords
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Targeted Audience Selection
  7. On Page SEO
  8. Off Page SEO

Yeh hamarey main task hein, es k baad SEO ko mazeed different subcategories mein define kia hua hai jin mein pehlay On Page SEO ki subcategories mein ye sab seekhen gy.

  1. SEO Domain Same Suggestion

  2. Select the better layout for the website

  3. Website Title and Description

  4. Meta Tags Importance

  5. Post Title, Permalink, Post Description

  6. Articles or Post writing with best SEO techniques

  7. Keywords without keyword density

  8. Internal Links and Inbound

  9. How to Properly Optimize Images and videos

  10. Robot.txt File

Off Page SEO Categories

  • Submit site to Google Webmaster
  • Create Sitemap and submit to Google Webmaster
  • Submit site to Bing Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster
  • Google Analytic Setup
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Directories
  • Guest Posting
  • Form Signatures
  • Directory Submission
  • EDU and Gov. Backlinks
  • Ultimate ways for quality backlinks

Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 mei es sb seerrhiyon per charrhtey huye next advanced SEO start karen gy. Ab jin topics ko mention kia ja raha hai es k elawah b hum topic to topic extra SEO related classes shamil kertay jayen gy.

  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Google Analytic Tool
  • Google Pand and recover website after hitting by Google Panda
  • Google Penguin + recovery
  • Google Algorithms
  • WordPress SEO Setting
  • Find SEO Jobs Online / Offline
  • Ultimate tips for the job as an SEO fresher.

Secrets Of Alpha Complete SEO COURSE FREE 2019


  • Basic and Advanced SEO Tools
  • Best SEO Tools
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trend
  • Moz.com
  • Sumrush.com
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Ahrefs.com
  • Mojestic.com
  • Woorank
  • Deadlink checker
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Serpbook
  • Small SEO Tools

Hope so, Ap ko Alpha Complete SEO Course 2019 free introduction interested laga hoga, SEO Course for beginners hai. Article ko Social Sites py share lazmi kejiye ga and mujy ap ki raaye ka wait rahey ga.