Let’s Download YouTube Videos from Mobile or Computer Easily

Let’s Download YouTube Videos from Mobile or Computer Easily

Download YouTube Videos from mobile or computer easily

Downloading videos from YouTube has become such a common and necessary practice that the possibilities to do so are made endless by the multiple options that exist on the internet.

How to do it and what are the best pages for you to download your YouTube videos without wasting time? In this post we will answer this question and we will also give you extra information so you have a better download experience.

How to download YouTube videos online without programs?

  • Pages and / or online tools?

Here we show you the best websites for fast, easy-to-use and especially safe downloads. You can choose according to your needs and conditions the one that best suits your preferences. Let’s see:

This online tool is very easy to use: just copy the YouTube link, paste it into the Video Grabby address bar and click on Go. You will see a window that you must confirm and you’re ready: you can download video or audio for free in Mp3.

This site is amazing: you can directly visit the page or from YouTube itself remove the 3 letters “ube” from the Url of the video, enter it, and you will immediately fall into the download area.

For example: if the Url is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st-GFerHIew , you should only remove the 3 letters marked in red: https://www.yout.com/watch?v=st-GFerHIew and press enter. This will automatically take you to the download page.

A quite versatile, intuitive and fast site with possibilities to download in the formats you want, without installing any software, and where you can download both video and Mp3 audio files. Not only does it work for YouTube but it also works for any page where there is a video.


BONUS: I would like to share with you this video that will teach you to download YouTube videos in 5 seconds. works!

Download YouTube videos from your computer 

As you can see there are dozens of resources that also vary over time, sometimes working better or worse depending on the season, since the owners of these vary their advertising system between more and less aggressive. Now let’s see our main online tool.

▶ ️ Go to download tool ◀ ️

Learn what you should keep in mind before downloading a video :

The flvto.biz website is undoubtedly one of the best websites for its simplicity and its different ways to download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, AVI and MP4 HD on our computers.

Before moving on to our top of the best pages to download YouTube videos, it is important that you take into account the following recommendations so that you have a fast and reliable download experience:

Keep reading this post : If you are here it is because you surely need to know what are the best sites to download YouTube videos. Knowing which is the best website will save you time and technical complications. Check our top and select the page that you like best so that you use it frequently.

Connection speed : This particular aspect varies according to the internet service you use. We will not force you at a certain speed because your connection speed may be slow or fast. But we will tell you what the ideal standard is: 5 Mbps average speed and 25 Mbps for extraordinary speed.

Video format : This depends on the player where you will see your videos after downloading. Most of the pages where you can download YouTube videos offer conversions to MP4 for video and Mp3 for audio. If the page offers you a variety of formats for conversion, much better.

Time and quality of the video : If you need to download for example a tutorial for a presentation of work, the ideal is that it is of HD quality. If it is a long and good quality video, it will logically weigh more than a short and low quality video. In these cases and it depends on the download speed, it will take longer to reach your hard drive and will need storage space.

Full videos : Some pages offer downloads by video fractions and not full downloads. Keep this in mind so you avoid surprises, confusion or wasted time. Of course in our top we will not include this type of pages.

How do you download YouTube videos with your mobile ?

We have already suggested downloads online or through PC software. But you can also do it from your mobile phone without inconvenience. Take into account your storage capacity and the hardware conditions of the smartphone or tablet so that you avoid obstacles or inconveniences. Here we leave you the best Apps to download your YouTube videos:

Let's Download YouTube Videos from Mobile or Computer Easily

This application is one of the first in the market and has remained in force to date. It weighs little, its interface is simple and well organized, and you can download videos and Mp3 music on your phone with numerous options. You can even organize your experience through playlists with custom settings.

With this Apps you can complete the duo of options to download YouTube videos for free from your mobile. It has multiple functions among which downloads and background playback stand out, versatile and intuitive design, music and video player, among others. Both SnapTube and Tubemate include advertising, but it makes up for a lot with their proposals.

Downloading videos from YouTube is a necessity for entertainment or professional purposes. Its use must be personal and of course respect the copyright and exploitation rights of its creators. Do not think about it, choose from the options we offer in this post and be faithful to the one that best suits your needs.

Programs to download YouTube videos for free.

Well, there is no problem: you can do it as long as you trust these programs. Here we mention the best ones with the full assurance that they are reliable and royalty free:

A PC application par excellence that allows you to download videos from any website in numerous formats, with qualities up to 4K and even subtitles. Its free version is quite efficient and versatile. If you want to increase the experience, you also have a paid version.

With Ummy Video you can download videos from any website in an unlimited, fast and secure way. You can extract high definition video, Mp3 audios, YouTube videos, and simultaneously download several videos if you prefer. You can even play and download to enjoy the user experience much more.

This software is specially designed for full HD downloads or high quality videos. It is easy to use, visually minimalist, and comes in versions for both Windows, Mac and Linux. It is freeware type and has download options in multiple formats.

Why do users decide to download YouTube videos?

No one can deny the impact that YouTube has had for millions of Internet users. In fact, its statistics are so amazing that it is incredible to think that a single website has been able to achieve the following indicators in 14 years:

  • Of every 10 people 06 prefer to watch video on YouTube than television.
  • It has 76 languages available worldwide.
  • It is the second most important search engine in the world after Google.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to this platform.
  • Nearly one billion views are seen with mobile phones.
  • For a month, 3.25 million hours are seen on YouTube.
  • It cost Google 1.65 billion dollars to buy YouTube.
  • By 2025, people under 32 will not watch more pay television. This is an estimate.

In short, YouTube is one of the sites with the greatest presence worldwide and offers its users an unimaginable amount of videos for all tastes and preferences. Downloading videos on this platform is a real relief for those who want to see tutorials, video clips, movies or any other type of audiovisual products without connection and for various purposes.

Advantages that people claim to download YouTube videos:

There is no other video platform on the Internet that has the advantages that YouTube has as a search engine and especially as a browsing experience. Here are some of its most outstanding benefits:

  • You can get your favorite videos according to the genre, categories and themes. Its detailed search level allows you to find the videos you need and with several channels as an option without wasting time.
  • Your searches will have a quick response with alternatives of visualization by formats, volume of sound, author and total time of the video.
  • If you want to take other options into account, the same platform shows you videos related to specific details so you can find the video that best suits your needs.
  • You can read comments so you have a general idea of the video before downloading it. This is important so that you do not have uncomfortable surprises in case the video presents quality or reproduction deficiencies.
  • Although the vast majority of the videos are original, YouTube will not limit your downloads for copyright or reproduction reasons of the audiovisual work. It is supposed to be for your personal consumption, in case you use the videos for commercial objects, advise yourself well so that you do not have problems.

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How the Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

How the Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

If you don’t know how the viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old then this article is just for you. Surely all this morning you’ve seen your Instagram timeline full of photos of your friends, where they show how they look old, it’s FaceApp, an application that lets you see how the face changes and shows how it looks when you get older or in any case how it was years ago when you were still young and you did not see the crow’s feet clearly.

Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

How the Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

FaceApp is not new, in fact, it arrived in 2017 and previously it is something that was already achieved with Snapchat filters. However, right now FaceApp application is already available for iOs and Android, therefore, many users have already downloaded it and have boarded the train of the moment (better known as mame), that is the explanation of why hundreds of photos of Your friends that show what they will be like once they get older and grow old.

FaceApp has had so much fame that it has positioned itself in the top 10 of the apps with the highest number of downloads during the last 7 days, more than 80 million downloads have already been executed around the world.

How is FaceApp used and how will you look old?

The first step is to download FaceApp, once you are on your mobile you can enter and take a photo of your face or occupy one of your galleries and apply the various existing filters such as age (old or young), dyes, hairstyles, glasses, beards, colors, smiles, tattoos and more. It should be noted that some filters require an extra payment to be able to obtain and use them.

Must Read about Trending Faceapp:

We all enjoy this type of apps where we can find out how we would look if we were women, if we had long hair, mustache, tattoos, beard and more, however, this type of applications are linked to the use and handling of data made by various companies who take the material and use it to optimize and improve facial recognition.

This is what it offers you and you can do with FaceApp, according to the download site.


  • Hollywood-style selfie with Print filters
  • Change the color of your hair and your hairstyle
  • Apply a perfect makeup for night or day
  • Find your perfect beard/mustache style
  • Add a nice smile
  • Change the background with a single touch
  • Apply color filters, lens blur, and many other tools
  • Have fun

  • Change of gender
  • Let the AI ​​find your best hairstyle and hair color
  • Change your age
  • Add amazing tattoos
  • Let the AI ​​find the best hairstyle for you
  • Check out the Hitman and Heisenberg filters and many other mind-boggling transformations

Now you are part of Trending Faceapp application and viral faceapp application works perfectly now.

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

First of all  your 1st need is stop doing basic mistakes with your website. You created a website, the website upload speed is slow. Your blog website does not get traffic. If you have an affiliate site and do not have product sales. You have set Google AdSense on your own site or use another third-party ad network, but no rating. So this article is going to help you a lot. If you are also a YouTuber and also run a blog website, so do you know who is in success? Let’s tell you that more success is in blogging because people come from Google search on your article and this is Organic traffic. Please Stop Basic Mistakes with your website and follow these tips if you want success in blogging.

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

So if you want to succeed in blogging without basic mistakes with your website, So develop your blog with a plan. Write a good article that the visitor to your site should be kept there. If you want to write the article on the topic, do Google search this topic before writing the article.

For example, if your website is on a mobile phone topic or a Twitter site, the first search for it.

Samsung latest mobile review

either or

How can you earn money from Google AdSense fast?

So in Google Search Results, you can see links to many sites.

After opening the first five sites, take ideas from them, see how articles are written in these sites, due to which those sites have come to the top.

Always work in a genuine way. Honesty in the job is your first success.

If you want to initially start blogging, then it is necessary to make a small investment. I would not say that you spend a lot of money, but spend money on which you can get something in the blogging world. After spending a little bit of money, how can you become a successful blogger, for that I will give you some tips.

First of all, remember that the free thing is free and it does not have any special benefits. If you blogging on Google Blogger and use a free domain like Blogspot domain. For example, you create a good article, its SEO optimized or say that you create an SEO friendly article.

If You don’t know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? then this best information is just for you.

Also must know about What is SEO  in Digital Marketing

Even if your article is more than 700 words, you do not get the result because all your hard work with Free Domain is like the new iPhone are locked in a black shopping bag.

Always Use Custom Domain for Fast Ranking:

There are many websites where you can buy high-quality domains at a very cheap price.

You can buy a domain in very little money from websites like Bluehost, Namecheap or Hostgator. Godaddy Domain lets you get a top-level contact domain in one dollar. After purchasing a domain, if you use it for your website, it is the first step towards your success. Free domain is a basic mistake with your website even you are blogger or run website in WordPress.

What is Best for your Website Free Blogger or Paid Web hosting?

If Google Blogger gives you a free hosting platform, then you have to do more work hard. Now is the time for advanced blogging. Every other person is running his website in smart mode, but the blogger site is still as difficult as it was five years ago. You get those unlimited free hosting on blogger platforms, but blogging has a long run to succeed.

Big websites succeeded after working on Blogger platform for a while because they did not have Blogger’s alternatives. Then came the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) that opened the path of success. Blogger websites started migrating on WordPress.

What is WordPress? A Simple Introduction if you are a beginner

You cannot get full results even after working for nine percent on Blogger, while you can get good results even after 30 percent of your work on the WordPress Web site. The work you have to do with coding in blogger can do the same thing in minutes with Word Press plugins without any coding.

With WordPress Plugins, you can easily index your article or blog. In a very short span, your site’s page authority and domain authority can increase. Various web hosting companies offer you cheap monthly and annual packages, you can start a WordPress website from 200 rupees monthly. Famous web hosting companies include Bluehost, Godaddy, Namecheap, and Hostgator, which provide you with affordable web hosting services. With these web hosting platforms, you can start your blogging carrier after purchasing web hosting. If someone else has said that you can rank your website with free themes then it is absolutely wrong.

What You Think is Blogging Success Possibility with Free Themes or Nulled Themes?

A very basic and big mistake with your website, you are running blogger websites or your WordPress website, if you have a free theme installed on your website, your site is very difficult to get into Google search. Theme developers did not provide many functions in free themes that can help site rankings, If possible, thousands of themes are not sold daily on Themeforest or mythemeshop. All the free themes were using.

I would also tell you that never use the nulled theme for your site. Nulled themes use such coding, which also makes chances of hacking your website. So avoid all the free themes that will destroy your work and do not let you succeed in blogging.

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Stop Doing Basic Mistakes With Your Website Ultimate Tips

Theme developers now create an advanced theme that you can use the same theme after purchasing it in different purpose. Your health website, fashion website or a woo commerce website. After purchasing a theme you can create all kinds of websites. The biggest advantage of the paid theme is that they include SEO Optimized, Mobile Friendly, Responsive and full functionality.

Find out your choice 15 Best Blogger Template full SEO friendly themes free

If you make a small investment once, then you can achieve the success that comes to blogging. Blogging websites earn millions of rupees, and they have to spend a little bit of money.

  • You Can Also join our YouTube channel Mentor Online for catch skills

You follow these tips. Success will start running towards you. You can make your best future in a very small budget.

How helpful is this article for you? What new do you learn? And what’s new to know. Hit the share button for share this article in your social community Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others much more. I will wait for your feedback in the comment box.

The Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

The Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Internet technology has made the whole world a global versus. The entire world has been on your computer screen which you can access after clicking a few clicks. Apart from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the biggest problem in Europe is the internet speed. You are downloading a movie or downloading something else. However, due to lack of internet speed, downloading is sometimes slow. I’ll tell you some of these ways, which allows you to speed up your Internet speed and give two software that will change your Internet life.

Hidden Mystery Behind SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Best Tips for SLOW INTERNET SPEED & Solutions

Internet connection broadband companies never provide full internet speeds. Waiting for the whole world of the 5G Internet but 4G Network cannot be completed here. You have set up the Broadband Internet Connection Or you are using an Internet device. You have to bear a problem with browsing.

You’ll have to follow all the ways that I use personalized. Then you can pick up the Internet’s high speed.

You are using Google Chrome, using Mozilla Firefox or Safari Browser. Your browser needs to be updated forever. The updated browser plays an important role in Internet speed. I just tell you how to update Google Chrome browsing, for this, you must click on the right side of the Google Chrome browser. Then, the Google Account will be opened in the Help option.

Automation will start as soon as the option opens.

This is the way to Mozilla Firefox. I think Google Chrome is the best browser in the form of speed.

Since this is Google product, Google has developed this browser with a very advanced technique.

Annoying Toolbars in the Browser.

Internet users also face a major problem, which they click in some options in the engine, And then they have many toolbars in their browsers. This happens when you are looking for Wallpapers downloaded websites, Downloading MP3 Threads

So while downloading there, some options open in front of you

Which you click without understanding. In such a case, the toolbar becomes toolbar beneath the address bar. Always stay away from such clicks, which you are most likely to understand and if you already have many toolbars in your browser, and if you want to finish them.

You can delete them by using the Bookmarks option in Google Chrome Browser Updating.

Best Solution for Slow Browsing (Reset browser)

Your browser has become too slow, You also update your browser, but still, your problem is not resolved

So it’s an easy way, that you can reset your browser. Just like you reset your smartphone and you’re under drive becomes completely fascinating. Similarly, you can also lightweight the browser.

For this you have access to browser settings, You need to click on the Advanced Option. The option will be the bottom reset option after opening the option. After pressing the reset button your browser will be completely frozen.

Remember that the reset option also exists in all other browsers other than Google Chrome.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Browsing History.

For the best performance of the browser. It is very important to remove browsing history.

Whatever browsing or search you do on the internet, Its temporary files are created in your computer which slowly slows your browser’s speed. Internet-made Temporary Files, Not only does your internet slow down but also your computer also slows down. They must be removed.

These were the ways to improve Internet speeds with browsers,

Now I’ll tell you some technical methods.

What you do not know.

Whatever window is installed on your computer or laptop

Of course, you are using window seven or use window ten.

20% of the Internet’s Microsoft company sets apart.

That’s because the Microsoft Window Company puts fixed for 20% Internet Speed Window updates.

But we have to use twenty percent of the internet speeds automatically.

So for that on your computer screen,

  • Go to the run option and type “GPEDIT.MSC”
  • After writing, will open.
  • left side
  • Computer Configuration
  • Inside the option
  • Administrative Templates Folder
  • Folder inside
  • Network
  • Inside folder
  • QOS Pocket Scheduler
  • After clicking on the folder
  • A file will appear on the right side.
  • Limit Reservable Bandwidth

The file has to be opened after double click

after this

Bandwidth limit

Zero is to be done.

That way, twenty percent of internet speeds were taken by Microsoft

The same internet speed will be back to you.

The Ultimate Method for INTERNET Users:

Now the next step is to open the services. This is a very technical method

Go to Run Option

Type “services. MSc

Click on Ok Button,

After that, a window will be opened in front of you, many files will be visible on the right side of the window.

They will have a file at the bottom.

Find “Windows Update

Right click on the file and open the property.

Disable the startup option after opening a new window.

And then stop the service status.

Then press Apply and OK button.


Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with DNS Settings for the Internet:

Change the DNS Servers Like This

  • Preferred DNS server =
  • Alternate DNS server =
  • Preferred DNS server = 2620:0:ccc::2
  • Alternate DNS server = 2620:0:CCD::2
  • Preferred DNS server =
  • Alternate DNS server =
  • Preferred DNS server = 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • Alternate DNS server = 2001:4860:4860::8844

Inside your computer, DNS cookies are created and unavailable files, which help slow down Internet speeds. A command is used to eliminate them.

Open Run Window

Type “cmd” then press OK Button

After open Command Prompt window just type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the Enter button fro your keyboard.

A message will be shown.

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

It removes all the DNS Cache.


Latest Adwcleaner_7.2.7.0 SUPERAntiSpyware

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Be Happy and Get Unlimited Free Photos Download

Be Happy and Get Unlimited Free Photos Download

Ap Blogging kertay hein, YouTube Channel hai ap ka ya ap online work kertay hein like website designing, Web Development. Freelancing mein clients ko website bna ker detay hein tou ap ko in sb purpose k lye images, videos ki zaroorat prti hai. Google Images ko apney kisi b purpose mein use kernay k baad sb se bra risk Copyright ka hota hai. Jo Copyright free images google se lena jantey hein wo attractive images hasil nahi ker patey. Yeh article isi problem ko solve kernay wala hai, yahan zikar hoga 5 aisi websites ka jahan se ap High-Resolution Images, videos, Vectors bgair kisi tension k jitni marzi chahen download ker saktey hein, Images commercially use ker saktey hein or Copyright risk b nahi hoga.

Mujhey jb b koi project milta hai, ya mujhy blogging k lye images ki zaroorat prti hai tou mein inhi sites mein se images download kerta hun, mujhey google images ki taraf jana e nahi prta kyun k Google Images kisi na kisi ki properties hoti hein, agar mein wahan se kisi b image ko apny project mein use kr ln ga tou image owner mujy copyright issue face kerna prr sakta hai, mein agar kisi image ko use b ker lnga and for safety image attribution means image owner ka ref code ker dn ga tou b copyright chances khtam nahi ho sktey. Ap b agar freelancer hein, Graphics designer hein or client ko logo, flyer, banners bana ker detay hein or us mein Google images use ki hui ho tou ap k client ko b pata lag jata hai or Freelancing field mein ap k lye apna career secure kerna mushkil hota jata hai.

YouTube per bohat sarey youtubers hein jo apni videos mein google images use kertay hein or unhy pata nahi hota k un k channel per copyright strike asakta hai, bohat sarey youtubers isi waja se apna channel b block kerwa letey hein.

Professional way mein kaam kernay k lye internet per bohat sari aisi websites available hein jahan se ap high definition images download ker saktey hein, wo images commercially use ker saktey hein, kuch websites se images buy kerni parti hein jaisey Shutterstock images huge collections mein mojood hein or daily basis py thousands of images uploads and download hoti hein.

But mein ap ko aisi sites ka bataney wala hun jahan se ap latest advances high definition images personal project or commercial project k lye use ker saktey hein, and ap k pas aisey sources hungy k ap jb chahen yahan se images download ker k demo purpose k lye use ker saktey hein. Tou jantey hein free for personal use and free for commercial use images kaisey kahan se download ki ja sakti hein.

1- Pixabay ( Stunning Free Images)

Meri most favorite website Pixabay hai jis ka mein sb se zayda istemak kerta hun. Ap just apney browser search bar mein pixabay.com likhen gy tou amazing collections of images ki dunia mein pohanch jayen gy, Pixabay per aaney k baad sb se pehla kaam jo hai wo ap ko yahan signup kerna hoga, Signup process bohat easy hota hai like jaisey ap Facebook, Twitter account create kernay k lye signup kertay hein, Signup kernay k lye ap Google plus ya facebook account ko b link ker saktey hein, Pixabay worldwide top and best website hai tou is lye yahan kisi b spamming risk ka dar nahi hai. Pixabay account create kernay k baad ap pixabay home page per mojood search bar mein jis type ki image search kerna chahtey hein us ka name likhen gy, like ap ko agar Fashion Images ki zaroorat hai tou ap just Fashion images likhen gy or ap k samney search resultes mein fashion related images show ho jyen gi. Ap apni marzi ki image ko select keren then next page per ap ko right side per FREE DOWNLOAD button show ho jaye ga. Download button se oper ap clearly parrh saktey hein k CCO Creative Commons ( Free for Commercial Use, No attribution required) likha hua hoga, it means ap is image ko kisi b jaga commercial project mein use ker saktey hein ap ko copyright strike nahi aye ga.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download

Button click kernay k baad ap k pas options ajatey hein k ap Image ko kisi b size mein download ker saktey hein, Ap Facebook k lye image use kerna chahtey hein tou small size image download ker saktey hein, Ap huge image size k sath download kerna chahtey hein tou us ka option b use kernay k baad ap download button per click ker saktey hein. Pixabay se ap Photos, Vector Graphics, Illustrations, Videos ko b free download ker saktey hein.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download Pixabay

2- Unsplash ( Beautiful Free Images & Pictures)

Yeh dosri aisi website hai jidher se ap latest Hi resolation images download ker saktey hein. Unsplash website ka process b same Pixabay jaisa hai. yahan b ap account create ker saktey hein and jaisi images chahen free download ker saktey hein. Splash Licence mein mention hai k ” All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes”. Unsplash ap ko facility deta hai k ap images collection ker skatey hein and baad mein jb ap chaheyn ap apni collection mein se image ko download ker saktey hein.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download UnSplash

3- Pexels (Free Stock Photos)

meri 3rd most favorite image downloading site Pexels hai. Es site mein ap ko search bar k neechy keywords show ho rhy hotey hein, ap un keywords ki through b Pexels images search ker saktey hein. Pexels Site ny b apney licence mein mention kia hua hai k “It’s hard to understand complex licenses that is why all photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) licence. Ap Pexels images modify ker saktey hein. personal use and commercial use kr saktey hein even ap issey apni website mein distribute b ker saktey hein.

Yahan Ap ko popular Photos Category mein woh photos nazar ayen gi jo sb se zyada download ki jati hein. So jaldi se Pexels account bnayen and free images download karen.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download Pexels

Waiting for Web Traffic on your Website?

4- Stocksnap.io

Stocksnap.io per ap apni photos submit ker saktey hein. account create kernay k baad ap ko may be verification email aye ussey verify kernay k baad ap Stocksnap.io se unlimited images download ki ja skti hein, yahan b ap ko Popular Photos, Trending Photos, Keyword Photos collection milley gi. Stocksnap.io website ap ko high-resolution image free download k lye deti hai.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download Stocksnap.io

5- Freerange (Great Photos, Totally Free)

Freerange site mein account bnaaney k baad ap ko b yahan wohi treeqa kaar dekhny ko miley ga. Ap apni mrzi ki image search ker saktey hein, Commercially and non-commercially use ker saktey hein. Freerange ap ko Photos k elawah Illustrations downloading facility b provide kerta hai.

Get Free Unlimited Images Download Freerange

Hope so, Ap ko yeh article zaroor pasand aya hoga and ap ki tension b khatam hogyi hogi k images ko kahan se download karen. Mein In Sha Allah is per Tutorial Videos bna ker mazeed in sites functions k baarey mein btaaunga. Article pasand aya tou hit the share button and comment mein apny remakrs dena nahi bholiye ga. Tutorial Markaz ap k lye next or informative articles ly ker aye ga. resolution

Best And Useful Websites For Every Internet User

Best And Useful Websites For Every Internet User

Tutorial Markaz mein ap ko khush aamdeed. In Sha Allah aaj is video mein ap ko 10 aisi best and useful websites btai jayen gi jin ka Internet Users ko knowledge hona zroori hai.
Ab yeh 10 Websites ap k lye kahi na kahi Internet ki dunia mein ahmiyat rakhti hein. har kisi ki apni raaye apni pasand hai lekin mein yeh kahun ga inn 10 Websites ka lazmi pata hona chahye.

Note: is article se relatod mukamal tutorial video isi article k end per mojood hai jis mein in tamam websites ka demo dikhaya gya hai.

Best And Useful Websites For Every Internet User and Students by Tutorial Markaz



Sb sey pehli jo websit hai us ka naam hai Ninite.COM. Shyed ap is website k baarey mein jaantey hn. Ap new Computer/Laptop letay hein tou window karney k baad sb sy pehlay Basics Softwares ki zroorat parti hai.jis k baad hee ap apna PC/Laptop run ker paatey hein.
Ab pehlay tou logoon ko pata hee nahi hota k inn k Computer mein bohat sarey Softwares miss hotey hein phir wo preshan ho rahey hotey hein ko ye error araha hai ye software install nahi ho raha, ya phir jin ko pata b ho to wo different softtwares ki C.Ds ya Google Search per dhoond rahey hotey hein. tou in logoon k lye yeh website 1 gift hai.
Yahan per bohat sarey different Top Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera available hein. is k baad media mein VLC Player, iTunes, Winamp, Audacity k jaisey top media players b mojood hein.
Runtime section mein Latest versions of Java 8, Net Framework, Shockwave best softwares download kiye ja skaty hein,
Antivirus mein AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes or Winrar, 7-zip, Google Earth, Teamviewer k elawah b bohat sarey updated software available hein .
Is k sb se barri khasosiyat yeh hai k just one click aik hee time mein ap un tmaam software’s ko download ker saktey hein jo ap ney select kye hn. Google Searching and Crack Softwares ko chorrein or is website ko yaad ker lyn.


Iss k baarey mein be ho sakta hai ap jantey hun. Yeh 1 online file virus scanner website hai. Virustotal mein taqreeban 60 Antivirus companies scanners mojud hein jo ap ki kisi b qisam ki file ko ya software ko Online Scan ker k btaatey hein k is mein virus hai ya nahi.
Ab nye computer users k sath yahi masla hota hai ko wo koi Image File, Game, Software ya koi or b downloading kerta tou is ko pata be nahi chalta k us k Computer mein virus wali file ya game wagera download ho jati hai or PC Window khrab ker deti hai.yeh 1 best free virus scanner website hai. Ap yahan apney PC or Laptop sy be file upload ker k scan ker saktey hein ya ap kisi file ko download kernay se pehlay us ka link is mein paste kernay k baad scan kerwa saktey hein k is mein kahi virus tou nahi hai.

3-INDEED.COM ( Job Searching Website)

Best Online Job Sites mein sy 1 best website INDEED.COM her country k hisaab sey open hoti hai . Ap United State sy is site ko open ker rahey hein ya ap Canada, China, Rusia kisi b country sy is website ko open kertay hein tou yeh site ap ko usi country ki jobs show karey gi. yahan ap jis city sy hein ap part time job kerna chahtey hein ya full time job kerna chahty hein ap Salary package k hisab sy apni require job search ker saktey hein or bohat hee asani k sath apply ker saktey hein. mera mashwara hai k is website ko lazmi visit kejye ga.


Meri bohat hee favorute websites mein ye 1 yeh website hai. Ap log different Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, GooglePlus per accounts create kertay hein magar sb se brra masla yeh hota hai k tamaam Social Sites per 1 hee naam sy accounts bann nahi paatey, wahan Namechk website apna magic dikhati hai. is site py ap jis naam sey account create kerna chah rahey hein ya domain buy kerna chah rahey hein ya website banana chah rahey hein tou yahan just ap wo naam likh dyn gy or kuch hee seconds mein ye sara data ap k samney show ker dey gi k ap k diye gye naam per kis kis site per account bana hua hai.

Best And Useful Websites For Every Internet User and Students by Tutorial Markaz



Lastpass website be bohat zabardast website hai. Ap Internet per 10,20,50 accounts chla rahey hein or har account ka password yaad rakhna bohat hee mushkil kaam hota hai isi waja sy bohat dafa personal account b hath sy chla jata hai. tou jayen is website per or yeh 1 completely secure free service provide kerti hai. Is site per ap ko 10,20,50 accounts k naam or password ki bajaye sirf 1 master account and master password create kerna hota hai or is k baad ap tension free ho saktey hein q k ap k tamaam accounts passwords 1 hee jaga per ikhatey ho jaty hein or wo na chori ho sktey hein na ap baar baar bhool saktey hein just master password add karen or apny accounts ka data dekh lyn. Ap chahen tou Google Chrome Extension b download ker saktey hein jo k free or paid b hai. Lastpass sign in method Is ka mukmal method isi article mein video k sath mojud hai.


1 best password generator site. Yeh b 1 best website hai jis ka use ker k ap apney account ko safe and sacure ker saktey hein. ab hota kuch aisey hein k hum aksar apney accounts ka password bohat he easy rakh detay hein taa k humey wo yaad rahey lekin phir hamey pata chalta hai k hamara account hack ho chuka hai or hamey waja b pata nahi chalti. yeh website ap ko Strong Password Generate ker k deti hai jis sy ap k account ki password authority strong ho jati hai.


Ap ney koi software install kia ho like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator,  koi b kisi b qisam ka software ho magar ap chahtey hn k us software ka alternative software search kia jaye or dekha jaye k best alternative konsa software hai tou Google Searching ki bajaye is website per ap for example ” Adobe Photoshop” likh ker search karen gy tou searching result mein bohat sarey powerfull software’s ki list ap k samaney ajaye gi. Enjoy


Isi tarah 1 or mazydaar website Similarsites.com hai. yahan ap kisi b site ka alternative search ker saktey hein. Ap chahtey hein k Facebook ka alternative samaney aye tou wo ajaye ga, ap Youtube, Dailymotion alternative sites dekhna chahtey hein tou is site ko lazmi visit karen or alternative sites ko enjoy karen.


Yeh 1 awesome website kahi jaye tou galat nahi ho ga. Graphics field walon k lye ye site 1 gift hai. Ap Logo Designer hein, Banner Designer hein Web Designer hein tou ap k sath sb sey pehla masla yahi hota hoga k color scheme kaisi honi chahye. project complete karney mein 70% time color scheme set karney mein zaya ho jata hai tou mein ap ko recommend karun ga k is website ko lazmi try karen. yeh 1 color scheme generator website hai. Outstanding Color Scheme, the best color combination as per your requirements generating system tools k sath 1 complete package available hai. ap kisi b image ki color scheme is site per upload ker k nikaal saktey hein . is site ko istemal kaisey kerna hai. is article mein mojood video ko dekhen.

Hope so ap ko yeh article zaroor pasand aya ho ga or yeh b umeed kerta hn k is article ki through ap ko bohat kuch naya jan’ny ko mila ho ga. is article  k comment section mein ap apni raaye zroor dejye ga. Article ko share kejye ga ta k dosrey log b kuch naya jan saken or subscribe ker k hamey apnayat ka ehsaas lazmi dilaye ga.