StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

Did you know about WordPress StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme is an Exact Copy of StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme distributed by Shay Bocks. Yes! here you can download free StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme under GPL license. Educational purposes only. No registration needed or no subscription and not nulled. For Commercial Purposes, we highly recommend a purchase from Developers.
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StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme requires the Genesis Framework to be installed. Brunch Pro is the little sister of the #1 selling Genesis theme, Foodie Pro, and boasts excellent features like font & color options in the Customizer, minimalist style, flexible widgets, and an improved recipe index.

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  • Exact Same copy or Files Being Distributed By Shay Bocks
  • 100% Risk-Free From Virus or Malware Script or Backdoor
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  • Version v4.2.0
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StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

StudioPress Cook’d Pro Genesis WordPress Theme


Please Note about StudioPress Cook’d Pro WordPress Theme:

We are providing these themes and plugins just for that purpose that you can test paid theme before purchasing. Free Divi Ghoster WordPress Plugin only for learning, practice and testing purposes. We will not recommend you to use that plugin for commercial/ professional use.


StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme

WordPress StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme is an Exact Copy of StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme distributed by Shay Bocks. Here you can download free StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme under GPL license. Educational purposes only. No registration needed or no subscription and not nulled. For Commercial Purposes, we highly recommend a purchase from Developers.
Tutorial Markaz is not affiliated or in any way to related third-party developers or trademark owners, including WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Yoast, etc.
When the Developers release a new version of the plugin/theme, we will share and you can download it free from tutorialmarkaz.

StudioPress Brunch Pro Genesis WordPress Theme requires the Genesis Framework to be installed. Brunch Pro is the little sister of the #1 selling Genesis theme, Foodie Pro, and boasts excellent features like font & color options in the Customizer, minimalist style, flexible widgets, and an improved recipe index.


  • Exact Same copy or Files Being Distributed By Shay Bocks
  • 100% Risk-Free From Virus or Malware Script or Backdoor
  • Freedom To Use On Unlimited Sites

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All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

Do you know about, What is Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds? Here m telling you everything about it and giving solutions if you are facing problems with your website. You must read the complete article, I m sure you will love this article.

Must know what is the Google SEO algorithm?

Google’s famous algorithms are Google Panda and Google Penguin. In particular, you need to know how it works before you understand how Google Search Engine works. Here is a summary of what you will find in Google, with a full description of it Google says billions of searches are daily, first we crawl the website or bots that crawl bots are actually software then they index it. That is, the site has come up with a new database in Google’s database. Now there is an algorithm. If someone does a search on Google, then he does some search. Then results appear on the page so Google’s algorithm decides which page is the best and Google searches for the webpage that can respond best. This setting algorithm for Google to determine the best website. And keep an eye on other websites as well, so their rankings continue to go up and down. So have to decide whether to keep the website ranking on many factors and many are masters know Google has been keeping secret that not even Google Employee know.

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

Then comes the spam, if you try to get a good ranking in the wrong way, make a wrong link, they go against this guideline, or if they are making these natural links, Google BAN and that site will not appear in Google search. To see the history of Google algorithms, you can look at

Google Algorithm Quality Guide Line:

Search or click the Google Webmaster Guideline in Google and read it carefully. Google says the design is good and detailed in its guideline for anyone to look at It is very important to read this guideline if you want to advance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Google updates its algorithm about five to six hundred times a year. Panda Penguin and other algorithms Google algorithm. The five most important points to consider when Google Panda Algorithm hits your website are most of the on-page.

  • Low-quality Content SEO:

Low-Quality Content refers to a person who created a website, but its content does not meet Google’s standards, which does not satisfy the user, its words are not valid, its structure is neither valid nor titled, nor descriptive. Is standard and not content is standard

  • Copied content Content copied from another website.
  • What is Thin Content:

One of the content is less content, but sometimes less content also covers the subject, so here it means incomplete content or incomplete content.

  • Above the Content in Website:

When you open the site, what you see is that part of the website is called Above the Fold, which is what you see without scrolling, Google says it’s important to keep the content if it isn’t. If you can be a victim of a panda, some people also fill up with AIDS, etc. If you are a victim of the panda, then you should keep some content on your website home page.

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

  • Bad Website Structure in SEO:

This does not mean you have a sitemap or your navigation is fine or does not know how to go from one link to another, ie the linking is okay and so on.

  • Duplicate Content Google SEO

It can also be your own web site and copy the content from other websites as well. Must read about Secrets of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Explained 2019

Penguin Algorithm Explained:

These are mostly off-page references

  • In Natural Backlinks:

Google strikes most of the same link makers as these were the ones who were making backlinks in a natural way, using bots and software that made hundreds of backlinks in one day. The Google Penguin algorithm explored all the ways these natural links were and hit the websites they were doing, and they became banned or ranked.

  • Paid Backlinks SEO

Backlinks that you buy from someone or make money with in any way, such links are unnecessary and are not affiliated with the content of the web site or are on such sites. Which does not meet Google’s standards?

  • Keyword stuffing (over-optimization)

Google always emphasizes the natural human style and balance, the balance is emphasized in SEO if you do not, you can be a victim of Penguin, meaning you have to use a keyword repeatedly in this natural way. That is, using the word twice in the title Likewise, repeated use of keywords in descriptions also comes in word stuffing and Penguin is designed to use it even once in this description so it is better to use it.

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds 2019

  • Bad آnchor Text in Website:

This means that whenever you create a link, there is a text along with these links that you click through to a site that links to different types of places in different places before the text of that link. Keywords used to be spamming If you are creating a link to your site, name your site and not target another keyword on every other form.

  • Irrelevant Backlinks (Spam Backlinks)

If you create backlinks for your website, the website should be related to the topic of your website, not that your site is SEO and you should create a backlink to your blog on the vegetarian website. What you have written will convince others who come to this site that if your answer is yes then hopefully Google’s algorithms will not hit your grammar and spelling are ok and its organization is fine. As an article, I wrote good content for the Nevis and arranged it in a relatable article. You posted in this article and you also provided a video with pictures and also your words titles and descriptions. And in the end, some people also shared it, some people shared it, some people made comments and you even answered. Take me up you are writing something good for people and if all this is not copied you have written above 500 words and your site is all from Above the Folder, some content is also visible. Not all aids are coming, your website’s structure is fine too, menus and menus and categories are optimized. The sitemap is a given. You can create powerful backlinks for your website ARTICLE DIRECTORY SUBMISSION Strategies in 2019

  • Google Penguin Algorithm:

You are not creating these natural links. Bots and software are not using title descriptions permalink, so I am not using double word ie and optimization if not all of this comes in and optimization and in the article the word density is less than 3% and back. If you are not buying links where you are creating links, you have not used different keywords in the anchor text. Your site is on any topic like fashion and you are not creating your backlinks to a site that does not belong to your site. If you don’t want both of these algorithms to hit you, then ask yourself that Google is now so advanced that it has become increasingly difficult to cheat, and those who succeed are following the Google Guideline.

The things that are mentioned are that if these things are up to five to ten percent (10%) of your site, then Google may not impose a huge penalty or at most they will reduce your site’s ranking of links, but if these things are forty-five percent (45%) If you are found in your site then Google will take a big action and de-index your site from Google and your site will not appear in Google or your site will be down and if you If this is done, you will receive an email stating that your site has been hit by Panda for some reason and it will send you a goggle. Webmaster Tools will appear in the inbox of your email messages, most do not How do you know if you have fallen prey to Panda or Penguin, then you will check in Google Webmaster Tools or if you look in Google Analytics you will see that your traffic is gradually decreasing? Your website has been hit by a Google algorithm. You can also check out the websites here using Google Sandbox Checker which has URL In these you can easily see and guess which flower algorithm you have effected when you find out the disease, you are easy to treat when you look in these tools and website. If your traffic is slowed down, then you can see which algorithm hits. Another way is that when you look at Google Analytics for how many days or months your traffic has diminished, then you go to’s page, where you can learn about Google algorithm history and updates. It is said that this is it

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds

All About Google Algorithm Updates and Panda Penguin Hummingbirds

Here’s a look at what’s updated by Google, who came up with an update that will make it easier for you to work out what algorithms have hit your website. You work on the website accordingly and in the next update your website, Google Algorithm Panda Recovery comes in handy and goes above and beyond if you’ve done better.

  • Flower Penguin Recovery:

Here we will also talk about the automatic Google Penguin Hit. This is not a site level. This means that some part of the site is hit and the traffic in search engines is down. After making a few changes, keep an eye out when you update. How does it affect your site whether or not it comes to its first state? Suppose you have been hit by Google Penguin, then you should check in Google Analytics as before and see when that traffic was downloaded then go to the Google algorithm change page of Moz to see what update was coming and what. Or what algorithm was updated by Google, except that the pages you used in the Google Panda section of the method, sites, and tools that saw who hit your web site are the same as your methods, tools, and websites. Can be used here as well The first thing you need to do is check your backlinks, so you can check through your webmaster tools by going to the webmaster tools dashboard and then clicking on the search traffic on the lift side. Click on your site and you will find a full list of links that are linked to your website. You should double-check whether those links are against the Google guidelines of your own website. If backlinks are not made to sites or blogs that are against Google’s Guide, they will have to be removed. In addition, if you have purchased links from anywhere and are on such sites, they will be removed as well. If you have created any links using the software, they will remove the links. Apart from this, we have to see in all the articles that we have not done word stuffing, but wherever you have been, they have to be updated. If the anchor text where the backlinks are made will have to be checked, they will have to be corrected and the arilent backlinks will have to be removed. There may be times when someone wants to harm your site, they put links to your site on the porn site, sometimes put it on a gobbling site or someone else can do it. If you visit these sites, you will have to delete them or have a website that Google has banned. Where you have created links or put them and they do not remit the site’s income, Google Webmaster has a tool you can reproduce them by the name of the DIY tool. Before using it you should read Google’s Support Page about how it works or search Google about this tool and many articles will come up. You can read the Nail Artel. After all, this, look forward to when the Penguin update arrives as soon as you update your website and see the change in your site traffic.

Important Note:

Plus you can check here what Google’s algorithm has hit you with is a tool that you can search Google. pixelgroove google sandbox and penalty checker tool. Put your site by the name of pixelgroove and check it out The Google sandbox is when a new site arrives, it first goes in and is reviewed and cross-indexed.

  • Panda Recovery Full:

Suppose Panda hits, then we work on Panda Reddy on our website. You must make some changes, otherwise, Google will not make any changes to your web site in the next update and they will remain the same, so you will have to remove those things from your site. Reasons Why Google Panda Hits? These are the five most important things mentioned above that make Panda hit a website. First, look at the structure to see if it complies with Google’s rules. The navigation menu exists. Do you have a sitemap added? Your content meets Google’s standards. If you have not copied anything, if so, delete them from your site and all your URLs will need to be replicated to Google Webmaster Tools with the help of these URLs. In order to prevent the failure of the net found, if the content is low, then it has to be improved and the length of the articles will have to be improved. Write an article of at least a thousand words nowadays so focus on big articles and focus on not only big but good and user-friendly articles and keywords. There is an updated plugin in the press that will add “DebugPModified” to improve the Abu Dhabi area and find duplicate content on your website. If so, remove it. That when you copy the data from anywhere it will be duplicated and Panda will see who has indexed it first and also duplicate the data in your own site as you have done a software article. Sometime after this software update was written, you wrote another article that was closer than that, when Google’s software bots. When you visit Eat, they will see that there is a page that they can understand as duplicate or near duplicate, and will not rank these two pages and the page ranking will be reduced before the new page arrives. The best solution is to integrate these pages and whenever this software update comes up, instead of creating a new page, update the same page and never create similar pages, but pix anything. Keep up-to-date with what’s already written to you and whenever you revisit your pages or links, go to Google Webmaster Tools and remove their links from specific tools. Don’t forget to cry. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and go to the dashboard and click on Search traffic on the elevator side, then click on Search Coverage. Here you will see the top pages. It contains all the pages of your website. I find pages that you think can be duplicated, see in them which pages have high search queries, whose ranking is good and whose clicks are high, let it all be good by deleting others’ content. Put in first Then, the URL of the page you have deleted will be redirected to the URL in the Google Webmaster Tools repository so that it does not encounter an error. Suppose you have two articles you can search your website by typing a keyword to see which articles are nearest to each other and you are getting a lot of comments or even traffic on both. So you can de-rank an article so there’s a plugin in WordPress that can do that called Meta Robots, which is a plugin that redirects your page to another page as well. So you can also redirect and de-rank if fifty percent of the articles are different from each other then it is not a big issue but if there is more then the ash This can happen and after doing all of this, your website will be redirected to Panda in the next update so pay special attention to these points and keep an eye on duplicate pages in particular. And one thing is also important that if you do not get an email that your site is removed then it is not manual and it is automatic and when you make all these changes your site is automatically up Comes, and if you do get mail, it means that Google has given you a manual penalty and there is a slightly different way to do that.

  • Google Hummingbird  Algorithm:

We disassemble the first two algorithms. Now, this is the third algorithm which is important in terms of SEO. There are other things like this,

  1. Google DMCA Pirate
  2. Google Exact Domain Match
  3. Google Knowledge Graph

Hummingbird is essentially a search system, there is no space algorithm Google search system has moved on, it looks at how a website looks on mobile, your website should be mobile friendly and nowadays bloggers. The template and WordPress themes are by default mobile friendly and if you want to see if your site is mobile-friendly, you can check it out on one site. Designers take care that your website is responsive. When you type a word into Google, Google also gives you the session itself. It is basically called Instant Search. It is a feature of Google search. Similar to the new Google search features you keep watching. Is happening due to hummingbird Hummingbird does not see whether a particular word exists on a web site, but does not see what that word is and what the user is actually saying as if it is a travel-related word, so to know the hummingbird What the user tries to do with his or her word is is he or she just want to know about a country or travel to a country etc. Likewise, Google is a feature of search by Voice that speaks to you. Google will search accordingly This directory does not penalize your website, but if your site has a search feature, you should optimize it as we have read about Structured Data.

Google’s other key algorithm

About Google Hummingbird, You know how much Google Search has advanced due to hummingbirds.

  • Google DMC Parrot Update:

This is because people who crack other people’s software on their site or pirate and download other people on their site are sites that are at risk from Google and face penalties. And can also be a site-wide bean

  • Google Exact Domain Match or EMD

It refers to domains that are similar to domains that have been taken in the past, and people can be fooled by taking the same domain and making some slight changes to it, and people may think of it as a real domain. It takes action against a domain such as suppose someone takes Google, so people will understand that this is a part of Google search. These domains can be reposted because Google redirects to that site. Do not use a name that is already in use

There is another Google Knowledge Graph.

This is actually a Google feature that will help Google introduce new search features

How to Redirect Websites with Manuel Action:

If you look at the elevator side you will see search traffic in Google Webmaster Tools after each click Manuel Action, if any Manuel action has been done against your website then you will see this place. If you want to make all the changes that are said to reorganize your website. Then you have done it in automatics that when you make all the changes then wait for the update that Panda Or if Penguin gets updated, your traffic will increase and after making your channels in the menu, Google will have to restart the connection so that it will be removed from this URL. After that Google will re-add your website to Google search in a couple of weeks.

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

Today question is How to use a blog to make your brand Famous? New technologies have brought a set of new opportunities that obviously have an extremely important impact on the online course market. We have seen, through these new media, influencers who have built an audience through the internet. Take the example of Youtubers, Instagrammers and bloggers who share their passions with the world. These passions have even turned into a source of income for the most adept of them. Making a living from your blog is a dream for many people, but it takes work to come up with a full-featured blog.

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that from the moment you decide to make your hobby profitable thanks to your blog or to your YouTube channel, you become an entrepreneur. And running a small business from home, which requires a lot of work. Sometimes, more than a traditional job or a non traditional job.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the world of bloggers and we’ll show strategies to make money with blogs by becoming an infopreneur.

6 Advantages of Working with a Blog:

Each company has its particularities, advantages, and disadvantages. With blogs, it would not be different. That’s why we’ll list the main benefits of creating a blog Website:

  1. Be able to manage your own business online
  2. Flexible hours to work in the best way possible!
  3. Opportunity to work in the themes of your choice
  4. Possibility of living from your passion
  5. To be a reference a certain domain
  6. Being able to work from home or from where you find the most adjusted

Any Type of Person Can Make Money with Blogs?

This is an interesting question because the answer is subjective. Any type of person can make money with blogs. But when you decide to start, you have to have a lot of dedication, concentration, and determination, because the results do not appear overnight. As we mentioned above, dedicating 100% to the development of his blog is an entrepreneurial approach. As in every entrepreneurial approach, not everyone will be able to develop their business until they can live fully. But the only way to know if this is possible is to get started!

The good news is that no one is born with an entrepreneur personality or entrepreneur quality. It must be developed. (what is entrepreneur definition?)

And if you are able to improve the skill set, you will be able to reach your goal. Remember that any effort will be rewarded as soon as you start to have results.

What is the Main Asset of a Blog?

The main asset of a blog is its traffic. All of your strategies should focus on attracting quality traffic and then directing your audience to the product you want to sell. What’s more, one of the most valuable information you can have about a visitor is their email address. Do not forget it. By obtaining the email address of a visitor, you get the opportunity to communicate directly with him.

Must Read How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing 2019

How to start making money with a Blog?

There are currently many ways to generate income through a blog and in the future, there will probably be other ways that we do not even know yet. Discover how it is possible to earn money by being a blogger.

Consulting Service Business:

As you have more visits to your blog, it means that you gain legitimacy to talk about it. This is an excellent opportunity to start giving advice online. This type of service is excellent for valuing your know-how about the subject in question and for taking advantage of word of mouth. Whenever possible, ask your customers for testimonials about your service and display it on your website. This can generate more credibility for other potential customers.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that the council, especially the individual, stops at a given moment because of the weather. We all have 24 hours a day and we can not work more without an automated process.

Google AdSense How to Make Money:

A blog that attracts a large number of visits can give space to ads and each click gets the blogger paid. When a blog has many visits a day, it’s likely to get more clicks.

“But working with Google Adsense is still a good idea? Yes, it’s still possible to use this method to get extra income!

Profit with AdSense is related to the market niche, the traffic and the layout of your blog. For that, invest in quality content to conquer more and more visits. The more visits you have, the greater the chance that a visitor will click on an ad slot. This is the only way to earn more through advertisements.

Google AdSense How does it work, how Much Does it Cost to Pay and how do I get started

Google AdSense How does it work, how Much Does it Cost to Pay and how do I get started.

Digital Products to Sell:

Digital producers or Digital Video Producer are increasingly used by blogs to take advantage of their blog. Also known as info products, digital content is accessible via the internet and can be consumed on any smartphone or computer.

With the development of the internet, the sale of infographic products has grown considerably. It is now possible to learn new skills, improve personal and professional development with online courses. As these courses are sold on the internet, they bring a remuneration to the author.

If you have a talent or a passion that can be transformed into an online course that may interest many users, it’s time to consider the idea of ​​becoming an info producer.

Affiliate Program for Bloggers:

If you have a blog, but you do not have the vocation to create your own digital product, you have the opportunity to become affiliated with a digital product! Becoming affiliated with a digital product means that you use your blog to promote online courses or e-book that has been made by a third party. You receive a commission every time you start a sale.

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous

Ultimate Secrets How to Use a Blog to Make Your Brand Famous?

There are two main types of affiliates:

The affiliate authority: A group of bloggers, who will recommend in an article a product related to the theme of his article. Take for example someone who owns a cooking blog. This one can, through an article recommend an online cooking class present on Hotmart. For this, it slides a link (Hotlink) which, with the technology developed by TutorialMarkaz, to know who is behind the sale. Whenever a sale is made through the link on his blog, the blogger in question receives a commission that corresponds to a percentage of the total price of the product.

Affiliate Referee: The one who invests in paid ads to target a specific audience.

At every sale made by an indication, the affiliate will earn a commission that can be up to 80% of the value of the product. Tempting, is not it? Choose the most adjusted product to your blog and invest in your promotion.

Products or Services

The blog is the essential part of a well-defined Inbound Marketing strategy. Instead of going to the consumer with invasive ads, the brand produces quality content, which adds real value, and pushes the visitor to be interested in the product proposed by the author of the blog. This strategy, known as content marketing, generates more engagement and conversions.

If you have an e-commerce Website and you already sell physical products on the internet or not, you can start a blog and write articles related to the products you sell. Do you own a virtual store USA? or virtual store manager? What do you think about writing about women’s world, fashion, and trends? Your audience will be interested in your subjects and as soon as they need a bikini, they will remember that you sells this type of product!

20 steps to start making money with your blog:

This list is made to help you make the most of your blog and manage it professionally. You may be wondering, “Okay, but how do I start my blog? Even though it sounds like a big enough problem and you’re not an expert on the internet, creating a blog from scratch is much easier than you think. Take the first steps to start your blog:

Define a Theme

What subject are you talking about? If you’re not a specialist in a specific field, think about the topics you like to talk about and that are naturally in your daily life. What’s more, you can think of themes that have a lack of content on the internet. In this case, your competition will be reduced.

How do you Identify Your Target Audience?

Thinking that your audience can be “anyone” is a very realistic idea. Even if your content is interesting, that all people will be interested in it, it is necessary to define who is your target audience and more precisely, who is your persona. Your persona is a fictional character, based on your research. It is essential for you to direct all your actions towards that specific profile. First, define a single persona, and as your business evolves, you will be able to identify other user profiles. Access our publication to understand how to create a persona for your business.

Choose a Best Website Name for Your Blog

Think of creative names that sound good when you say it aloud. A name that is easy to memorize! If there is a direct relationship with your theme, even better! Make a list and go to the next point.

Register a Good Domain

With the list in hand, find out if the domain is available for the name you have chosen. You can search on Namecheap. When you find an available domain, just save it. Registering a domain name costs around $9.99 / year. Always give preference to domains “.com,” which will allow a better positioning on the search engines.

Activate your Content Manager Marketing

WordPress is the content management platform used by the vast majority of bloggers. There are other platforms on the market, but there are no real reasons not to choose WordPress: plug-ins, integrations, intuitive access to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and a vast network of knowledge available for free. line are strong arguments for choosing WordPress. Whether you’re a beginner in the industry or an experienced programmer, WordPress is a place to bring your ideas to life. So, just enter the website, choose the plan that best meets your initial needs and start creating your blog. Click here to start.

Establish a Strategy:

What is the purpose of your blog? To make money with blogs, it’s important to provide informative content that educates the audience, answers questions and creates a bond of trust and credibility so that visitors are envied to return.

Create Good Content for your Blog Website:

Your main concern when creating a blog should be to provide quality content and, more than that, about topics that interest readers of your blog. It is important that they want to read what you have written, is not it? So be sure to keep other “up to date” on your subject in order to bring current content to your readers.

Maintain an Editorial Calendar:

The editorial calendar will help you maintain the frequency of posts you have committed to accomplishing. In order for the volume of visits to grow faster, you must publish content as frequently as possible. Try to produce the content in advance and plan future publications. This is how you will continue to follow your schedule despite some unforeseen events. In other words: Always stay one step ahead,

Diversify Your Content:

When we think of a blog, we generally think of written publications. More diverse is the format of your content, with many formats, such as images, videos, and infographics, more complete and interesting it will be. Thus, you can understand what kind of content can attract new readers.

Invite your Audience to Interact:

Design the layout of your website while thinking about the functionality for the user. The goal is to bring it to your product. You can strategically distribute Call to Action (CTA) buttons by inviting your visitor to download an ebook, subscribe to your newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel and many other actions that are interesting for your business.

Build a Contact Base in your Blog Website:

Remember: this is one of the most important elements of your entire strategy. When you receive an email from a user, you can contact him directly at the right time and automatically. This is a considerable advantage! There are several strategies for getting in touch with your visitors:

  • Offer free content: offer free content for your audience and request the email in exchange. Even an ebook, an infographic or another type of free material. The content “bonus” must be of quality to encourage people to give their email.
  • Forms: provide your readers with contact forms on your blog. You can indeed obtain the email of your readers by proposing to keep them informed of novelties in exclusivity. For example: Get new content in preview.
  • Webinars: Once your blog has a large number of readers, you will be able to promote webinars to discuss the topic, promote a product, and request feedback from users.

Partner with Other Blogs:

Consolidate your brand by partnering with other blogs that are not your direct competitors, but are still part of the same market. You can open a space for “guest posts” by inviting other bloggers to write an article about a topic on your blog. Do interviews, produce joint content and offer co-marketing materials, sharing the leads you earn.

Get your Readers to follow you on Social Networks:

A good blogger is present on several social networks while producing content unique to each network. The goal must be to strengthen the contact with the public. But beware: observe which social networks your persona really uses. There are countless options, new features that appear at any time and if you try to use all the social networks at the same time you risk to disperse, it is better to concentrate his work on only one of them for to be more efficient.

Measure and Understand:

To understand how your strategies work, you have to analyze, measure and understand what the numbers mean. Install Google Analytics and track your results. Google Search Console is also a very good tool that will give you interesting insights about your CTR, the keywords that you should use on your posts and positions on Google’s pages to get the most readers.

Optimize Your Blog Skill:

Do A / B tests with your blog, edit conversion buttons (CTA), edit campaign images, the frequency of sending emails and identify which changes have generated more or fewer results. Doing a test A / B is something relatively simple: Produce two versions of the same image for example and see which one gets the best results.

Follow the Best Bloggers:

Follow other bloggers, see what they do differently, see what your competitors are posting, and always think about improving your own content! Stay tuned to foreign bloggers and publications from other niche markets that may be applicable to your business. Think about creativity, speed, and credibility!

Follow Case Study Digital Marketing:

There is a large amount of free content available on the internet that allows you to learn more about digital marketing. Check out this content. It can enlighten you on how you should communicate with your audience. In addition to being a tool to facilitate communication, studying digital marketing will allow you to adjust the service you offer to your customers.

Learn the Best Techniques of SEO:

SEO is the initials of Search Engine Optimization. Despite the complicated name, SEO techniques aim to improve the SEO of your website on search engines such as Google and Bing, while improving your organic traffic (non-paying traffic). The results of this strategy are starting to appear in the medium and long term, so this requires a lot of work. To learn more about SEO, or SEO, click here. As soon as your SEO improves and you start to appear among the first results, you will naturally have more visibility.

Need to Invest in Paid Advertising:

Many entrepreneurs, especially beginners, do not want to hear about paid advertising. Paying for advertising means spending money wrongly, does not it? False! Earning money with organic blogs can require a lot of patience and paid to advertise will give more speed to your blog’s development. Good campaigns are actually investments and they will help you promote your blog.

Feed Your Leads with Email Marketing:

Your leads will be valuable so you can start making money. Imagine having a base of 100,000 contacts and sending your emails manually? It does not seem viable to you, does it? Use tools to build purchasing tunnels and automate the entire process.

To do this, use the marketing automation tools where the main goal is to work increasing leads through email marketing. You establish rules that make sending emails automatically.

You will find open source versions in the market such as Mautic and other paid ones like Hubspot.

And if you already have a blog?

Many bloggers have started writing without any pretense and have naturally achieved a significant volume of traffic and a loyal audience. If you already have a blog, but you do not know how to use it to benefit from it, choose from the strategies we’ve introduced to get you started. Your already established audience is a huge asset.

If your blog did not contain advertising space, starting with Google Adsense may not be the best solution, as it may surprise your visitors who are not used to your ad-free page. If you decide to start this way, give yourself space for ads little by little, always worrying about the user experience on your blog’s navigation.

To create an info product, watch how your audience interacts with you. You will probably have an answer to your questions. If your blog talks about the world of pets, a product on dog training can be a perfect choice. Maybe your own readers have already asked for some advice on this. Read the comments and note the needs of your audience. It is also possible to transform all the content of your blog into ebook or video training!

As we have already mentioned, the Affiliate Program is also a gateway for bloggers who already have a large audience! Analyze products that are more related to your market and promote them in your content. With a committed audience, the chance to make sales is much greater!

This post gave you ideas? So it’s time to act! Remember that the work a blog requires is a long-term job, so it’s essential to keep your commitments to achieve your goals!

If our post has been helpful, leave your comment below. Start blog make famous brand Take advantage of this moment to tell us about your strategies in terms of blog management. 🙂


Instructions to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress

Instructions to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress

Step by step instructions to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress 

In this article, we’ll acquaint you with the nuts and bolts of utilizing a CDN and examine why it’s a handsome idea. At that point, we’ll take a gander at 9 CDN solutions you can use on your WordPress site. 

The world is moving quicker than any time in recent memory, and that implies your site needs to keep up. Regardless of where you are on the planet, odds are your clients are scattered over the globe. Therefore, you have to ensure that your site is fit for performing rapidly, paying little mind to a geographic area. 

One way you can keep your site’s speed and execution steady is by utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is a system of remote servers spread out everywhere throughout the world, every one of which contains a duplicate of your site that guests can get to. Not exclusively will this make your site quicker, however it can likewise anchor it and diminish your data transfer capacity utilization? 

An Introduction to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) 

Step by Step Instructions to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress
Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Click on Top 9 Excellent CDN Solutions for WordPress

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a framework comprising of numerous servers, which are set in various areas around the globe. When you utilize a CDN with your site, each one of those servers will be stacked with static variants of your site’s records. This more often than excludes code like CSS and JavaScript, pictures, records, recordings, and other information. 

While the two may appear to be comparable, it’s critical to perceive that a CDN isn’t an indistinguishable thing from a web have. Your host is where your site ‘lives,’ and is some of the time called the ’cause server.’ The CDN servers basically duplicate static documents from your beginning server to convey them to your guests all the more rapidly. 

The Benefits of Using a CDN with Your Site 

Step by Step Instructions to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with WordPress

Typically, when a client visits your webpage, they interface straightforwardly to the root server through their program and download all the essential records from that point. Notwithstanding, this can prompt issues for clients who are situated far from the cause server. This separation can cause fundamentally longer stacking occasions. 

Your site’s speed can contrarily influence its ricochet rates, which can, thusly, be disastrous for your changes. Thusly, this is certifiably not a little issue. Since all the guests are asking for similar records from one server, you may even experience more downtime. 

That is the place a CDN proves to be useful. When you utilize a CDN, guests will rather interface with your site by means of the server nearest to them. That way, your pages stack considerably quicker and will cause less strain on your birthplace server. 

Utilizing a CDN moreover: 

Makes your site more accident safe. On the off chance that one CDN server goes down, the site will just load from another. This empowers you to deal with more movement. 

Enhances the client encounter. The way that your site is viable spread over the globe makes a more reliable ordeal for all guests. 

Enhances your SEO ranking. A site’s speed is calculated into its web index rankings, so speeding it up makes it more inclined to seem higher in query items. 

Diminishes data transfer capacity utilization ( bandwidth usage). Since your origin server doesn’t have to send as much information to every guest, you limit the measure of transfer speed required. 

Secures against fundamental assaults. A CDN is intended to adapt to a lot of movement, which helps against the most well-known kinds of malignant action, for example, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults. 

As should be obvious, utilizing a CDN can help enhance much something other than your site’s speed and unwavering quality. The main inquiry left is the means by which to begin. We should now investigate a portion of the best CDN arrangements you can actualize on your WordPress site.