You are Blogger, work on the WordPress website or your YouTube channel. So you need images. Images in the blog website regarding the SEO make important contributions. We are adding images to our article. But we did not know that due to images our website speeds slow down. Google Search Engine does not include all such websites in its own search. The website’s loading speed is slow. You do not know and your website gets out of Google rankings. Read this article and must know 2 Secret Tricks for image Optimization for the blog.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Due to the slowdown of the website you begin to get worried. Content that is also inserted in the website well. SEO is also done well, But web traffic does not come, And the website also loads slowly.

I will tell you two ways How you can reduce image size without spoiling image quality on your website, or How to compress or reduce image size. If you follow these methods, So you can improve the speed of your website, And speed up web page load speeds. its a best SEO Tips by me.

Adobe Photoshop is used to compress images or reduce image size. But who does not use Adobe Photoshop, Or the Adobe Photoshop is not installed on your computer, So you can follow the ways I tell you.

Both of these methods are free and best SEO Tips for your Blog Website.

In a first way, I’ll tell you about a website.

From where you can reduce the size of your image in minutes and the quality of the image will not be even worse.

I have an image for the demo size of 127kb. After opening the website, you’ll have a button show on “Open Photos”.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size

Open website


After pressing this button, I will select the same demo image. After selecting the image, a popup window will be opened.

2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

First, the file name will change. Then image format will allow JPG to stay. The image is to be of high quality.

The image width is to be 740 in image size. This image size is best for the blog website. After completing all this, press the Save button

And the new file will be saved on the computer. Now if the same demo file is viewed, it will have been reduced to 75kb.

Reduce Size 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Now that is the second way you have to download the free software.

The download link for this software is available here.

Download Lighshot


After downloading software, you will install it and then open the settings after clicking on the software icon.

options- 2 Ultimate Ways How Compress or Reduce Image Size SEO Tips 2019

Then inside the format option, JPEG will have to choose, And JPG quality is required to work 50. Then, after pressing the button, you will save the setting.

I will open the same demo image and dragging with the mouse click button is to complete a full-fledged area. Then save it.

Now, if you see the new image file open in the folder by opening it, Image Quality will not look bad at all, and image file size has also been compressed.

Now you can add images to your website after following this method. Your site’s speed will also not be slow, And Google search engine will also start coming into the site search.

I hope you’ll like these two ways. Your problem is over due to the article, So you must share this article with others, And in the comment box, tell me how you got this article, And how helpful is it for you?

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