Download YouTube Videos from mobile or computer easily

Downloading videos from YouTube has become such a common and necessary practice that the possibilities to do so are made endless by the multiple options that exist on the internet.

How to do it and what are the best pages for you to download your YouTube videos without wasting time? In this post we will answer this question and we will also give you extra information so you have a better download experience.

How to download YouTube videos online without programs?

  • Pages and / or online tools?

Here we show you the best websites for fast, easy-to-use and especially safe downloads. You can choose according to your needs and conditions the one that best suits your preferences. Let’s see:

This online tool is very easy to use: just copy the YouTube link, paste it into the Video Grabby address bar and click on Go. You will see a window that you must confirm and you’re ready: you can download video or audio for free in Mp3.

This site is amazing: you can directly visit the page or from YouTube itself remove the 3 letters “ube” from the Url of the video, enter it, and you will immediately fall into the download area.

For example: if the Url is , you should only remove the 3 letters marked in red: and press enter. This will automatically take you to the download page.

A quite versatile, intuitive and fast site with possibilities to download in the formats you want, without installing any software, and where you can download both video and Mp3 audio files. Not only does it work for YouTube but it also works for any page where there is a video.


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Download YouTube videos from your computer 

As you can see there are dozens of resources that also vary over time, sometimes working better or worse depending on the season, since the owners of these vary their advertising system between more and less aggressive. Now let’s see our main online tool.

▶ ️ Go to download tool ◀ ️

Learn what you should keep in mind before downloading a video :

The website is undoubtedly one of the best websites for its simplicity and its different ways to download YouTube videos in MP3, MP4, AVI and MP4 HD on our computers.

Before moving on to our top of the best pages to download YouTube videos, it is important that you take into account the following recommendations so that you have a fast and reliable download experience:

Keep reading this post : If you are here it is because you surely need to know what are the best sites to download YouTube videos. Knowing which is the best website will save you time and technical complications. Check our top and select the page that you like best so that you use it frequently.

Connection speed : This particular aspect varies according to the internet service you use. We will not force you at a certain speed because your connection speed may be slow or fast. But we will tell you what the ideal standard is: 5 Mbps average speed and 25 Mbps for extraordinary speed.

Video format : This depends on the player where you will see your videos after downloading. Most of the pages where you can download YouTube videos offer conversions to MP4 for video and Mp3 for audio. If the page offers you a variety of formats for conversion, much better.

Time and quality of the video : If you need to download for example a tutorial for a presentation of work, the ideal is that it is of HD quality. If it is a long and good quality video, it will logically weigh more than a short and low quality video. In these cases and it depends on the download speed, it will take longer to reach your hard drive and will need storage space.

Full videos : Some pages offer downloads by video fractions and not full downloads. Keep this in mind so you avoid surprises, confusion or wasted time. Of course in our top we will not include this type of pages.

How do you download YouTube videos with your mobile ?

We have already suggested downloads online or through PC software. But you can also do it from your mobile phone without inconvenience. Take into account your storage capacity and the hardware conditions of the smartphone or tablet so that you avoid obstacles or inconveniences. Here we leave you the best Apps to download your YouTube videos:

Let's Download YouTube Videos from Mobile or Computer Easily

This application is one of the first in the market and has remained in force to date. It weighs little, its interface is simple and well organized, and you can download videos and Mp3 music on your phone with numerous options. You can even organize your experience through playlists with custom settings.

With this Apps you can complete the duo of options to download YouTube videos for free from your mobile. It has multiple functions among which downloads and background playback stand out, versatile and intuitive design, music and video player, among others. Both SnapTube and Tubemate include advertising, but it makes up for a lot with their proposals.

Downloading videos from YouTube is a necessity for entertainment or professional purposes. Its use must be personal and of course respect the copyright and exploitation rights of its creators. Do not think about it, choose from the options we offer in this post and be faithful to the one that best suits your needs.

Programs to download YouTube videos for free.

Well, there is no problem: you can do it as long as you trust these programs. Here we mention the best ones with the full assurance that they are reliable and royalty free:

A PC application par excellence that allows you to download videos from any website in numerous formats, with qualities up to 4K and even subtitles. Its free version is quite efficient and versatile. If you want to increase the experience, you also have a paid version.

With Ummy Video you can download videos from any website in an unlimited, fast and secure way. You can extract high definition video, Mp3 audios, YouTube videos, and simultaneously download several videos if you prefer. You can even play and download to enjoy the user experience much more.

This software is specially designed for full HD downloads or high quality videos. It is easy to use, visually minimalist, and comes in versions for both Windows, Mac and Linux. It is freeware type and has download options in multiple formats.

Why do users decide to download YouTube videos?

No one can deny the impact that YouTube has had for millions of Internet users. In fact, its statistics are so amazing that it is incredible to think that a single website has been able to achieve the following indicators in 14 years:

  • Of every 10 people 06 prefer to watch video on YouTube than television.
  • It has 76 languages available worldwide.
  • It is the second most important search engine in the world after Google.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to this platform.
  • Nearly one billion views are seen with mobile phones.
  • For a month, 3.25 million hours are seen on YouTube.
  • It cost Google 1.65 billion dollars to buy YouTube.
  • By 2025, people under 32 will not watch more pay television. This is an estimate.

In short, YouTube is one of the sites with the greatest presence worldwide and offers its users an unimaginable amount of videos for all tastes and preferences. Downloading videos on this platform is a real relief for those who want to see tutorials, video clips, movies or any other type of audiovisual products without connection and for various purposes.

Advantages that people claim to download YouTube videos:

There is no other video platform on the Internet that has the advantages that YouTube has as a search engine and especially as a browsing experience. Here are some of its most outstanding benefits:

  • You can get your favorite videos according to the genre, categories and themes. Its detailed search level allows you to find the videos you need and with several channels as an option without wasting time.
  • Your searches will have a quick response with alternatives of visualization by formats, volume of sound, author and total time of the video.
  • If you want to take other options into account, the same platform shows you videos related to specific details so you can find the video that best suits your needs.
  • You can read comments so you have a general idea of the video before downloading it. This is important so that you do not have uncomfortable surprises in case the video presents quality or reproduction deficiencies.
  • Although the vast majority of the videos are original, YouTube will not limit your downloads for copyright or reproduction reasons of the audiovisual work. It is supposed to be for your personal consumption, in case you use the videos for commercial objects, advise yourself well so that you do not have problems.

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