If you want to get the most out of every ruble invested in the landing, if your goal is to increase the number of registrations, leads, and sales or improve the ROI, then you should not underestimate the benefits of the conversion optimization process (CRO).

Super 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Super 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

No cheating: this technology really works. For example, The Weather Channel managed to increase the conversion rate by 225%, just by simplifying the home page of its site. The Olympic Store has achieved a 7.74% conversion increase, thanks to an improved menu bar.

These are just two examples of how conversion optimization can improve your performance goals. Below are 8 more advantages of CRO events, which you would definitely not refuse.

Why is conversion optimization so important?

In Internet marketing, everything is subject to one simple rule: no conversion – no results. In this case, the conversion of conversion is different: it all depends on the type of site and the nature of the tasks assigned to it.

For example, if you are the owner of a landing page with a lead form, then the form will be considered the conversion. ECommerce sites are more interested in sales, while for others, a subscription to a newsletter or a call may be important.

The type of conversion should be determined in the early stages of developing marketing campaigns. Already then you have to turn your site into a real lead car. This will lead to an increase in the number of potential customers, sales and, consequently, an increase in income. Whatever the conversion specifically for your business, its optimization is the maximum improvement of your results.

If you do it right, then CRO will help you achieve any of your goals: form a huge subscription base, sell off all goods or expand your influence.

What is the meaning of conversion optimization?

The goal of conversion optimization is to make your landing page more efficient in promoting visitors to commit a certain conversion action. You should strive to ensure that each element of the site works for the sake of one goal, that the entire system, from the layout and design of the site to images and text, as well as video and plug-ins, functions harmoniously.

CRO is a search for such a combination of elements that will give the maximum result, so the choice of every detail should be carefully considered.

To do this, you need to take a fresh look at your page, imagine yourself in the visitor’s place and take a fresh look at everything that he will interact with: from the title and navigation bar to images, text, video, and graphics.

By optimizing the conversion, you ensure that every part of the site is as efficient as possible, and it has always led to an even greater number of leads, sales and revenue growth.

8 benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

To argue that conversion optimization will make your landing page better – one thing, but quite another – to offer specific optimization methods that will help you improve your performance.

The fact is that if, until now, you have not made any attempts to optimize the conversion rate, then we can say that your landing page is still very far from revealing its true potential.

Ultimate 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Ultimate 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

For many enterprises, attracting higher quality leads is one of the most difficult problems:

What problems in the business of B2B lead generation do you consider most serious: 1. Generation of high-quality leads. 2. Conversion of leads into buyers. 3. Creating valuable content. 4. Demonstration of return on investment. 5. Search for high-quality data. 6. Multichannel lead generation. 7. Generation of a large number of leads (expansion of the upper part of the funnel). 8. Marketing in long sales cycles. 9. Marketing with a growing number of people attracted. 10. Improving brand awareness / public relations. 11. Effective translation of the value of the product. 12. Develop a common marketing strategy. 13. Tracking marketing trends.

After you do everything possible to make your page become the most useful to your audience, you can focus only on those leads that are of most interest to you. This is what we should strive for since the probability of transforming these leads into paying customers is maximal.

So what can CRO do for you that will inspire you to start working in this area right now?

Benefit number 1. A better understanding of the audience

Being a digital marketer, it is extremely important to have a qualitative understanding of your audience and especially those reasons why they considered it important to visit your landing page and even make a purchase from you.

Probably, you have already managed to develop a model of an ideal buyer (buyer persona), which necessarily included such demographic information as the region of residence of the client and the size of his salary, the type of car, house or apartment he owns, as well as any other information that allows you introduce the audience a little better.

Even if your market research is of remarkable quality, one of the biggest benefits of conversion optimization is the prospect of finding out your potential buyers and customers even better.

If you consider it important to observe the behavior of visitors on the site, try to find out in which places they are experiencing difficulties and what goals they pursue. CRO-tools such as heatmaps and session recordings will help you in this matter. Studying them will give you a much better idea of ​​the difficulties that website visitors are trying to cope with and which inconveniences they suffer.

Benefit number 2. Sales growth

Improving the conversion rate, at the same time you shorten the average time interval for which the lead becomes ready to make a purchase, which makes your landing page more effective.

Once you know who your visitor is and what exactly is preventing him from converting, you can make the page more friendly to the audience and suitable for making an order.

You will understand that your optimization efforts have produced results when you manage to make more sales with the same number of visitors. To achieve this effect, you will need to use a number of different CRO-techniques:

  • Split Testing.

  • Update of the Visual Component.

  • Reducing the number of menu sections and form fields.

  • Improving the quality of the texts.

When all the elements work together smoothly, in the name of a common goal, conversion, you will start selling more and more, and the ROI will improve.

Benefit number 3. Increase market share

This is one of those CRO benefits that few people think about.

No matter what niche your business belongs to, for sure, he has quite a few competitors.

Conversion optimization makes your landing page not only attractive but also more accessible.

When your images, videos, graphics, menu systems, and text act together, your page becomes so effective that people need to have very good reasons to choose a competitor’s page.

Think for yourself: why go to a landing page that is aesthetically not so beautiful, that takes a long time to download and does not offer the same number of useful options as yours?

Conversion optimization will help you outperform your competitors by helping you take a larger market share while increasing the number of conversions and the amount of generated profit.

Benefit number 4. Reducing the cost of one lead

If you use paid advertising, you are probably very sorry that not all clicks on an advertisement are effective. These clicks cost you money, but they do not generate revenue.

Imagine, however, how effective your landing would be if most of those who clicked on your ad converting. Good news: this is possible thanks to conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization is a search for matching ads and landing pages, as well as the right combination of all elements involved in this process in order to maximize the number of people who, following the ad, will perform a conversion action.

When you manage to attract leads for less money, then for the same budget you will be able to convert a larger number of potential buyers and, accordingly, earn more.

You still have to spend money, but profitability will be much nicer. Therefore, if your site is not so profitable, optimizing the conversion will help correct this unfortunate misunderstanding.

Benefit number 5. Cumulative effect

The main advantage of CRO is that every change you make to your landing page and which leads to an increase in conversions will bring you additional profit.

Let us examine an example of an online store trying to increase the number of sales of high-end products.

If, after completing a successful A / B test, they manage to increase the conversion rate by only 1%, this additional 1% of income will continue to come to the day after day for many months, and even years. If they conclude a lot of transactions every day, then this 1% may eventually bring them hundreds of thousands of rubles of additional profit.

But even if you cannot boast of such a number of sales, if you perform several successful split tests, their cumulative effect may be just as significant. And this is despite the fact that the growth of the conversion rate after each test will remain extremely modest.

Benefit number 6. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Google rewards pages that are valuable to search engine users. Conversion optimization is the best way to make your website as useful as possible, which, in turn, will improve its position in search engines.

Profitable positions on the issuance page, respectively, will provide you with a large number of leads, and a large number of leads – with an increase in sales and profits.

Benefit number 7. Improve Brand Perception

When your text, graphics, navigation, and all other elements are selected successfully, you will find that your landing page makes the most favorable impression on new visitors.

There is nothing more inspiring than to go to the site and find there a direct and understandable route to your goal. The effective landing makes the user experience more enjoyable, which, in turn, helps with attracting referrals.

Ultimate 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Ultimate 8 Incredible Benefits of Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Benefit number 8. Increase in the lifetime value of a client

A site that is easy to find and easily navigate will attract visitors over and over again. This is great news for any company that has to spend money to increase the number of repeat sales.

Please note: 30% of online shoppers say they would prefer to make a purchase on the site where they already bought something.

A website optimized for conversions is great for both new and regular visitors.

How to start developing a website optimized for conversions

Now that you know the benefits of conversion optimization, it’s time to do it. But for a start, it would be good to decide on the tactics to give the highest priority.

A / B testing

This optimization method consists of cloning one of your landing pages, making one change to its design and observing the dynamics of its converting ability.

There are many A / B testing tools that will relatively easily allow you to determine whether the design changes have led to an increase in conversion rate or not. You need to create a copy/copies of an existing landing page (“Copy option”), specify the traffic distribution ratio (“Weight”) for each version, make changes and observe the reaction of visitors:

After a certain period of time after the start of the test, analyze the data and choose which of the options brings the best result.

Improved visuals

Internet users only need a few seconds to decide whether to stay on your landing page or better to close it immediately. Therefore, it is so important that people get a first, positive impression about him. This can be achieved by:

  • Ease of Navigation
  • Clean and Simple Layout
  • Relevant and high-quality Images
  • Professional videos/animations
  • Beautiful Visual Effects
  • If on the visual side of the site there is nothing to boast of, the conversion rate will most likely below.

Improving site content

Most of the guests of your landing page came to him in search of certain information. This means that all headings, text and other information must be actually correct, interesting and without grammatical and spelling errors.

Do not forget to format the text so that it is easily and quickly read. Not everyone wants to spend their valuable time for a thoughtful study of the material, so if you break your text into many small paragraphs, place bulleted lists between them and leave enough empty space on the page, you can bring the basic idea to those who do not read, it just runs over the page with a look.

As for the length of the text and, accordingly, of the landing, there is no consensus: someone prefers pages more extensively, someone appreciates a more concise style. To understand what your audience likes, you need to use a tool such as a scrolling card: this way you can find out if people get to the end of the page or go to a certain place.

Variation Restriction

Some people hate to choose from too many options. If you offer too many scenarios, you simply confuse visitors, which will certainly affect the conversion rate. Thus, one more direction of conversion optimization can be considered to make your landing page more focused.

Provide site visitors with only one or a few CTA options, and they will not have to think about where to go first, which will lead to an increase in conversions and higher ROI.

Reducing the number of form fields

The conversion rate may be low and due to a large number of fields in the form that you ask visitors to fill out. As a rule, you need to request as much information as necessary to convert the user. For many web marketers, its name and email address are sufficient.

If you also request the name of the company in which the user works, his position, income level, age, and some other information, then be prepared for the fact that you discourage him from sending the form before he has time to fill it out.

If you limit your list of questions in the form, then the number of people who filled it will increase. This CRO technique may not seem serious, but you will be surprised at how often a decrease in the number of fields in the form was followed by an increase in conversion rate.

Improved call to action

It happens that CTA-buttons can not boast of some bright and eye-catching design, and the text of the appeal is not able to awaken the desire to act in a person.

In the course of CRO-events, you will necessarily try to change the color or shape of the button, its location on the page and the inscription: agree, because there is a difference between the phrases “Subscribe” and “Join the team and get a 10% discount”.

You won’t find out if your CTAs are effective or not until you properly test and don’t let your audience choose the best one, but remember that even a simple CTA improvement contributes to an increase in conversions.

Confidence Building

With the help of split testing, you can find out which elements are added: logos of well-known client companies, customer reviews, case studies – helps to build trust in your company.


Even after extensive market research, you may need to get to know your audience a little better.

Before you can find the perfect combination of all the elements of the landing page, which will allow you to maximize the conversion rate, you have to do a lot of tests and test everything from images and text to video and layout.

But this is the whole point of Conversion Optimization.

By examining a heading from head to toe and assessing each component of it in terms of how well it resonates with the needs and characteristics of the audience, you can improve the quantity and quality of leads, increase sales, and increase the income and return on investment.

What could be better than to make your site even more useful? To do this, it is worth doing the conversion optimization. And our platform and blog are always ready to help you in this difficult matter.

High conversions to you!

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