Do you know Intel released the Xeon Platinum 8284 processor $5500?
Intel has expanded the line of server processors Xeon Platinum 8000 in a design LGA3647 new productive model Xeon Platinum 8284 (Cascade Lake-SP). It is an improved version of the already presented Xeon Platinum 8280 chip. The main differences lie in the increased operating frequency and, as a result, a higher thermal package of the new product.

Intel released the Xeon Platinum 8284 processor

Intel released the Xeon Platinum 8284 processor

Intel Xeon Platinum 8284 operates with 28 physical cores with multithreading support and operates at a frequency of 3.0 GHz with the possibility of dynamic overclocking to 4.0 GHz for several cores. The thermal package of the novelty is 240 watts. Recall, the predecessor Xeon Platinum 8280 operates at a frequency of 2.7 GHz to 4.0 GHz and is characterized by a 205-watt TDP.

Otherwise, the characteristics of Xeon Platinum 8284 fully correspond to the Xeon Platinum 8280. The cache size of the second and third levels is 28 MB and 38.5 MB, respectively, in addition, both models support 1 TB of DDR4-2933 memory in a six-channel mode, including branded nonvolatile memory modules Optane DC Persistent Memory.

Finally, consider the most interesting – the recommended cost of new products. Intel has rated Xeon Platinum 8284 at 15,446 US dollars, at a time when the regular Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 is priced at $ 10,009. Thus, for an extra 300 MHz, the company asks for as much as $ 5,450.

The most expensive in the Xeon Platinum 8000 line is the Xeon Platinum 8280L processor with 4.5TB of RAM and a $ 17,906 price tag. For fairness, we note that large customers cooperate with Intel on a flexible system of discounts and pay smaller amounts than indicated in the general price list.

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