Today Viral Topic is Microsoft is creating a new Windows system. Microsoft is preparing a new Windows, the new system is preparing to use two-screen devices.

Viral Topic Microsoft is Creating a new Windows System

According to a previous statement, the new Microsoft Windows operating system is mostly lightweight, but it also supports greater scalability and can run Android applications that will be specifically optimized for many dual-screen devices, reports with reference to

Some designers have drawn a two-screen concept device for Microsoft based on previous rumors. The overall look is very realistic. This is enough to achieve a flexible folding 360 degrees. Bending out can fold half the double shield and use it inwards. Folding device protects the screen.

A patent previously filed by Microsoft shows that a device with several screen areas includes the first screen area, the second screen area, and the third screen area. A swivel is used between the first screen area and the second screen area, and some messages may also be displayed for the third screen.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is still creating an ARM version for the Surface device. It is reported that Microsoft will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx mobile platform. This is the first time that Microsoft Surface takes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx flagship platform and runs on Windows 10. So it’s worth looking forward to.

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