Apple recently renewed the New MacBook Air 2019 and seemed better on all fronts. However, it now appears that the MacBook Air 2019 has a slower SSD than the model at the end of the last year 2018.

MacBook Air 2019 has a Slower SSD than the 2018 Model

New MacBook Air 2019 has a Slower SSD than the 2018 Model

Did you expect to improve on all points with the new MacBook Air Retina for a lower price? Then you are unfortunately wrong, according to an analysis by the French Consomac. They have compared the speed of the SSD of the MacBook Air 2019 to last year’s model. The test showed that the reading speed of the new model is around 35% lower.

New Mackbook Air 2019 Disk Speed Test Review

New MacBook Air 2019 has a Slower SSD than the 2018 Model Disk Speed Test

Slower SSD in new MacBook Air 2019: lower reading speed

Consomac tested two different models:

The MacBook Air 2019 with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB, both for the 2018 and 2019 models. With the 256GB model from 2018, reading and writing speed of 2GB / s and 0.9GB / s, respectively, were measured. The MacBook Air from 2019 with the same amount of storage capacity does not exceed 1.3 GB / s and 1 GB / s. The writing speed is therefore slightly faster (although this is negligible), while the reading speed is 35% slower. This means that the new laptop is slightly slower in opening files or programs.

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The speeds are tested with the Disk Speed ​​Test tool from Blackmagic. Models with a larger SSD have not been tested, but the difference is most likely also visible there. The reason for the lower reading speed is probably cost savings, so you end up paying € 100 less for the new model.

The lower speed is not immediately a reason to cancel your order or to look for the older model. The speeds are still very high and more than sufficient for everyday use. Also don’t worry that a 35% slower reading speed immediately means that the performance is 35% less, because there are many other factors that count in this.

Fortunately, a few things have been improved on the New MacBook Air 2019. This 2019 model now also has a True Tone display. With True Tone, the colors look better and more true to nature, because the screen adapts to the lighting conditions. You will also find True Tone in the other MacBooks and the racing iPads and iPhones.

Which should I have?

Do you want to buy a new MacBook and still have doubts about which MacBook suits you? In our updated MacBook comparison you will find the specifications of the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. That way you know which MacBook model suits you best.

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