Let’s talk today about what search engine marketing (SEM) is and what its benefits are
Search engine marketing is an internet marketing method in which you can promote your website by making paid advertising in any of the search engine results hedges,  for which you can select any search engine. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. have all created tools that can help you like Google Tool, Google AdWords will help you and if you choose Google. If you choose Yahoo! and Yahoo Advertising will help you if you choose Yahoo!

You know that Google is the largest search engine you can promote on your website and see its effects very quickly.

Suppose you do a search in Google search the best web hosting for small business, then the top websites and images that appear in Google search are actually ads that are from websites that have given Google a “best web hosting for small business”. “K” keywords are provided with links to these images and websites will appear with “Ads” or “Sponsored” listed.

We call this a part of search engine marketing, and why can it be said that you will make your website’s “paid ads” on a particular word or keyword on a website, whether it be image or thumbnail. If you have a website, they will be called a part of search engine marketing.

Top Secrets of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Explained 2019

Secrets of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Explained 2019

What is the Main Difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The difference between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) is that in SEO, when we bring up a website in an “organic” way, following the search engine guideline, This is called SEO (search engine optimization), we don’t have to pay anybody and we do the same thing in SEM but in SEM we do this by giving money to search engines.

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Suppose we want to be marketed on Google then we have to use the “Google AdWords Tool” so let’s talk about what the “Google AdWords Tool“? is.

Google AdWords is an advertising service that is specific to Google and by using it we can grow our business on Google search Engine.

What is Paid Search Engine Marketing?

The Google AdWords tool base on PPC / CPC refers to them here

  • CPC = cost per click
  • PPC = Pay-per-click
    Both have the same meaning but two names are given

Now let’s look at an example to understand PPC / CPC when we did a search on Google “best web hosting for small business“. So some of the ads appear in Google first and some others and third, how did this happen? The air seemed like “Bid” on Google AdWords and a “Bid” on “best web hosting for small business” suppose the three companies had participated. Now, the websites wanted their ads to be at the top. A company ranked in Google search placed a “Bid” of Rs 10 to top its advertisements. Another company applied a “Bid” of Rs 20, the third company had a “Bid” of Rs 30, which now Bid 30 was his ad would appear at the top and the company paying Rs 20 would be the second and the company paying Rs 10 would appear in the third.

That is, if you want your company’s ads to appear above the top of a particular “keyword” in Google search, then you have to offer Google more money or bid than others.

Now the company whose ads are at the top of its budget was Rs 30. If anyone clicks on the ad, then the company will have to pay Rs 30 for one click to Google and they will leave the account of the company and Google account. I’ll move on and the stream will continue with every click

That is, when you pay Google on a click, this is called CPC = cost per click or PPC = Pay-per-click and how they use the Google AdWords tool will be reported in an upcoming post.

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