Android Apps Development Course without Coding 2019

Android Apps Development Course without Coding 2019

Want to lean Android Apps Development without coding course ?. In the modern technology era, we keep changing the new functioning phones. There are many apps on the Google Play Store that we easily install in our mobile phone. Although it is game applications or movie player app. Many apps become our need. Many of us wish to become a mobile developerSo that their mobile applications can use other people. If you also want to become an app developer, I will teach you to create an app today and you can create free mobile apps at all. Which you can create a professional mobile app with a coding very easily and you can earn lots of money after uploading your made app to your Google Play Store.

Android Apps Development Course without Coding Free for beginners

Requirements for Android Apps Development:

Application development requires learning a programming language. You can develop any of the best apps by coding with Java in Android Studio. There are many websites on the internet where you can create free mobile apps. In addition, there are many tools online and offline, where apps can be developed. Before this, I’ve learned all about how Google AdSense and Google Admob account is created after you create a Gmail account in the Android Apps course. We have also learned how to create an ID unit in Google Admob. By moving forward, I will tell you about a website in this class. From where you can create professional android apps in a few minutes.

If you are a blogger or you run any kind of website. You can change your website to the Android app. By following this class, you will learn how to create Smart Android software. You have to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser to open your website. Then you write a website address in the browser address bar. Which is also called a website domain.
This is a very long process.
You can also open your website by developing a beautiful Android app. Only a mobile application can open your site after one click. Whether you’ve created a website in Blogger or made in the Word Press. Many of you will know about a variety of websites. After opening the link I am giving you, you’ll come to the same site where you will be able to create mobile apps with drag and drop.

Android Apps Development Without Coding Tutorial Video in Urdu Hindi-How To Earn Money With Apps 2019 Thunkable

Click here for  Thunkable Website

In this, you do not need coding in any way. You’ll only be able to create blocks after drag and drop the blocks. I’ve learned how to make Stap by Strip this app. You will be able to make Android software free yourself while viewing and processing the video. You have to log in with your Gmail account after you click on the Open Site. Thunkable is an online free platform since thousands of people are making money by making mobile applications. You should follow every step in this video and you will not even know if you have prepared one of the elegant apps.

Once you’ve finished developing the app, you can check your created app in 2 ways.

The first way is that after applying app generator you can install it inside your Android phone.

And the second best way in Android apps development is that you can do live testing too. I’ll also advise you to use two number of methods till you design a final mobile app. You’ll need to install a Thinkable Live app from your Google Play Store for your Smartphone and help you test live.
Remember that you do not place your Google ADS units for live testing unless you create the final mobile application. Otherwise, your Google AdSense account may be blocked. For this, I will give you a test ad code that will use Google AdSense to be safe. and when you finalize your phone app, then you enter the original ID unit code.

Test Banner Unit Id Demo Code


Test Interstitial Unit Id Demo Code:


I have prepared this class in a very easy manner so that you can learn everything by understanding Basics about Android Apps development. I hope you’ll develop your first mobile app with Android with the help of video. How much do you like this tutorial video. You will definitely give your opinion. I will wait for your feedback. And this article will require the shares in your social community.