Why Bethesda Unveils the Program of its QuakeCon 2019?

Why Bethesda Unveils the Program of its QuakeCon 2019?

Before next month’s Gamescom in Germany, Bethesda Softworks is about to speak with its traditional QuakeCon.

In parallel with the American show taking place in Texas, the publisher will organize a European version with our English neighbors.

Why Bethesda Unveils the Program of its QuakeCon 2019

Why Bethesda Unveils the Program of its QuakeCon 2019

Two salons for the price of one

The QuakeCon2019 will take place in Dallas July 25-28. For the first time, Bethesda has been thinking of the players of the Old Continent, since, at the same time, QuakeCon Europe will be held in London on July 26th and 27th. On the spot, the fans will be able to discover many novelties as for the games of the American publisher.

For this new edition, DOOM Eternal will be in the spotlight since the game will be released on November 22 (and the license will celebrate its 25 years, by the way). The American version of the show will host a multitude of events during these four days.

At first, there will be the opening conference this Friday, July 26 from 18:00, Paris time. In this presentation that everyone can follow on Twitch, new gameplay for DOOM Eternal should be unveiled and other games from Bethesda could also be on stage. Of course, it will not be the only animation since several e-sports competitions as well as round tables with the developers will be broadcast live on QuakeCon.tv.

Announcements, Competition and Gifts:

Here is the complete schedule of this QuakeCon 2019:

  • Legend Master Series on July 26th at 5:00 pm: The top eight players of The Elder Scrolls: Legends will compete to share the $ 50,000 at stake.
  • Opening presentation on July 26 at 18:00
  • DOOM’s 25th-anniversary conference directly after the opening ceremony: a roundtable discussion with MachineGames executives, id Software, Bethesda Game Studios, and Bethesda Softworks will return to the influence of the saga.
  • The sequel for Fallout 76 on July 27 at 17:00: the developers will discuss the future of the modes “Adventure” and “Nuclear Winter”. More details will be provided on the fall update as well as the Wastelanders extension.
  • DOOM up to the neck, July 27 at 18:00: a new gameplay demo for DOOM Eternal will be presented.
  • The evolution of The Elder Scrolls Online on July 27 at 9:00 pm: Developers will detail the changes made to the MMO since its release until today. Information about the DLC Scalebreaker and Dragonhold will be unveiled.
  • QuakeCon Pro League July 28 at 15:00: The 20 best players of the tournament that will begin July 25 will compete to designate the new world champion on Quake.

Finally, during live broadcasts, rewards will be offered to spectators in the form of Twitch (or Twitch Drops) loot. Elements for The Elder Scrolls Online, RAGE 2 and The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be distributed. Recall that exclusive balances for this QuakeCon 2019 are currently accessible via Steam. They will end on July 30th.