If you don’t know how the viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old then this article is just for you. Surely all this morning you’ve seen your Instagram timeline full of photos of your friends, where they show how they look old, it’s FaceApp, an application that lets you see how the face changes and shows how it looks when you get older or in any case how it was years ago when you were still young and you did not see the crow’s feet clearly.

Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

How the Viral Faceapp application works that show you how to be old

FaceApp is not new, in fact, it arrived in 2017 and previously it is something that was already achieved with Snapchat filters. However, right now FaceApp application is already available for iOs and Android, therefore, many users have already downloaded it and have boarded the train of the moment (better known as mame), that is the explanation of why hundreds of photos of Your friends that show what they will be like once they get older and grow old.

FaceApp has had so much fame that it has positioned itself in the top 10 of the apps with the highest number of downloads during the last 7 days, more than 80 million downloads have already been executed around the world.

How is FaceApp used and how will you look old?

The first step is to download FaceApp, once you are on your mobile you can enter and take a photo of your face or occupy one of your galleries and apply the various existing filters such as age (old or young), dyes, hairstyles, glasses, beards, colors, smiles, tattoos and more. It should be noted that some filters require an extra payment to be able to obtain and use them.

Must Read about Trending Faceapp:

We all enjoy this type of apps where we can find out how we would look if we were women, if we had long hair, mustache, tattoos, beard and more, however, this type of applications are linked to the use and handling of data made by various companies who take the material and use it to optimize and improve facial recognition.

This is what it offers you and you can do with FaceApp, according to the download site.


  • Hollywood-style selfie with Print filters
  • Change the color of your hair and your hairstyle
  • Apply a perfect makeup for night or day
  • Find your perfect beard/mustache style
  • Add a nice smile
  • Change the background with a single touch
  • Apply color filters, lens blur, and many other tools
  • Have fun

  • Change of gender
  • Let the AI ​​find your best hairstyle and hair color
  • Change your age
  • Add amazing tattoos
  • Let the AI ​​find the best hairstyle for you
  • Check out the Hitman and Heisenberg filters and many other mind-boggling transformations

Now you are part of Trending Faceapp application and viral faceapp application works perfectly now.

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